WPBT2 Previews Downton Abbey Season 5
Larry & Susan Kahn; Dolores Sukhdeo, Susan & Larry Hantman

WPBT2 hosted a preview of the new season of Downton Abbey at The Miracle Theatre in Coral Gables on Monday, December 15. Event co-chairs Susan and Larry Hantman; and Susan and Larry Kahn welcomed WPBT2 members and guests dressed in their best Downton Abbey-inspired costumes. Guests enjoyed tea sandwiches and scones while taking photos in front of a backdrop of Highclere Castle with Lord and Lady Grantham.

Dolores Sukhdeo, WPBT2 President and CEO, welcomed the audience to the much anticipated screening of the first episode of the hit series. “Each season of Downton Abbey draws a larger audience than the last, and now Series 5. We have waited all year to find out the secrets hidden behind the doors of Downton Abbey!”

The award-winning Downton Abbey returns to public television WPBT2 on Sunday, January 4-March 1 at 9:00 pm with an entertaining formula that has made it the highest-rated drama in PBS history.

Jack Lowell, Joan & Irving Bolotin

Kerrin Bermont, Jack Lowell, Dolores Sukhdeo

Dr. Mary Bartlette Bunge and Margaret Bates

Karen & Stuart Dornfield

Mayor Jim Cason

Dr. Beatriz Terry and Sylvia Iglesias

Christine Allen and Todd Robaldo

Carolyn Gilleland

Jeanne Montes deOca, Brenda Moreira, Joanne Silva

Morris Levitt, Carole Masington, Rhoda Levitt, Ron Hinds, Marcia & Joe Unger, Bob Josefsberg, Miriam Hinds

Carol Damian, Dolores Sukhdeo, Larry & Susan Kahn

Conchi Argiz, Carolina Argiz Orozco and Mayra Lopez

Dr. Volker Anding, Frank Fernandez, Dolores Sukhdeo, Mayor Jim Cason, Jacak Lowell

Peter & Kerrin Bermont

Larry & Susan Kahn, Don Slesnick

Karen & Paul Landrum

Dr. John Bowker, Diane Beber, Alice Bowker, Bernard Beber

Larry Kahn, Kerrin & Peter Bermont

Mary & Stephen Sapp

Dr. Robert & Maritza Jacobson

Sheila Shapiro and Faye Aronson

Barbara Stein, Jack & Dorothy Thomson

Irving & Marilyn Kreisberg

Don Slesnick, Ann Leidel, Kay Fahringer, Jeannett Slesnick, Shell & Rick Parsons

Miriam & Hal Commings

Mayor Jim Cason and Frank Fernandez

Carol & John Faso

Diane & Terry Lee, Sherry & Harry Jordan

Dorothy & John Thomson