2016 Power of the Purse Luncheon and Auction
Benefiting The Women’s Fund Miami-Dade
Marilyn March (Executive Director), Cyndi Hibnick (Silent Auction Chair), Elle Macpherson (Honorary Event Chair), Sissy DeMaria (Event Co-Chair), Mary Young (Event Co-Chair).

The Women’s Fund Miami-Dade’s signature 2016 Power of the Purse Luncheon and Auction held at the BankUnited Center at the University of Miami on Thursday, April 7th raised over $340,000 for women and girls served in Miami-Dade County. Businesswoman and fashion icon Elle Macpherson returned as Honorary Event Chair and Teresa Rodriguez, television anchor and author, served as emcee for this emotionally powerful program showcasing the work of this 23-year-old organization to close to 800 South Florida leaders, philanthropists, government officials and supporters. Luncheon Co-Chairs Mary Young and Sissy DeMaria, Honor Roll Chair Joann Soman and returning Auction Chair and Board member, Cyndi Hibnick, along with a spectacular luncheon committee, celebrated the power of women and girls to create change in our community. Hilarie Bass, Co-President of Greenberg Traurig and incoming American Bar Association President was presented with the Marilynn Gladstone Lifetime Achievement Award for not only her support of The Women’s Fund but for her ongoing pro bono efforts to improve the quality of life for women and children in Miami-Dade County. In addition, community leaders Lucia Davis-Raiford, Natacha Munilla and Darlene Perez were inducted into the annual Honor Roll for their important work to empower women and girls and for supporting the efforts of The Women’s Fund.

To learn more visit womensfundmiami.org.

Marilynn Gladstone (Founder, The Women's Fund Miami-Dade), Hunter Reno, Marilyn March (Executive Director), Claudia Kitchens

2016 Awardee Natacha Munilla, Host Teresa Rodriguez, Elle Macpherson, 2016 Awardee Lucia Davis-Raiford, Janet Altman (Board Chair), 2016 Awardee Darlene Perez

Greenberg Traurig (sponsor) Evelyn Cobos, Vicki Smith-Bilt, Danielle Garno, Brigid Cech-Samole, Lacey Hofmeyer, Eva Spahn (not pictured Hilarie Bass, Marilynn Gladstone Lifetime Achievement Awardee)

2016 Honor Roll Awardee Lucia Davis-Raiford

2016 Honor Roll Awardee Natacha Munilla and Norka Munilla

Janet Altman (Board Chair), 2016 Honor Roll Awardee Darlene Perez, Marilyn March (Executive Director)

2016 Power of the Purse Committee: Mindy Herris, Janet Altman (Board Chair), Michele DeMaria, Dr. Michelle Segal, Gloria Zaldivar, Cyndi Hibnick (Board Member), Sissy DeMaria, Mary Young, Grace C. Lopez (Board Member), Joann Soman; (Board Member), Myriam Soto, Debbie Korge, Marilyn March (Executive Director), Lisa M. Pollack

Kendrika King (Grantee speaker from Educate Tomorrow)

State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle, Marilyn March (Executive Director), Host Teresa Rodriguez, Janet Altman (Board Chair)

Newslink (sponsor)-(front) Nichole Puentes, Christina Prats, Tracy Lorenzo, Renata Peyrache, Cindy Gonzalez, Patricia Gilmore, Maria Aybar; (back) Deborah El-Assad, Moises Portnoy, Maria Venzal, Ziad El-Assad

Debbie Korge (Director of Development, The Women's Fund), Julia Gourdon, Naomi Alonso (Parmigiani Fleurier)

Diana Carballeria, Andy Rodriguez, Natalia Gallo

(front) Cindy Eisaman, Ana Milton, Lesley Lyons, Carol Flynn; (back) Lesli Ann Brown, Hayley Sloman, Candise Shanbron, Linda Levy Goldberg, Nicole Lozano

Cyndi Hibnick, Carin Kirby, Carolyn Kaba

Commissioner Sally Heyman, Jill Braufman, Sydney Carpel, North Miami Beach Councilwoman Phyllis Smith

Ileana Bravo-Gordon and friends bidding on auction items

Raphael Bastian, Bunny Bastian, 2016 Honor Roll Awardee Natacha Munilla, Bartholomew Bastian

Karen Brown, BNY Mellon Wealth Management sponsors Gloria Zaldivar, Nicole Izquierdo, Heidy Frank

Wells Fargo sponsors Karen Pascual and Amanda Granzanilla

Wendy Kallergis, Miami Beach Commissioner Micky Steinberg, Miami Beach Commissioner John Elizabeth Aleman

Maria Otero, Nelson Hernandez, Jacquy Grainger

(front) Marti Mang; (back) Lisa Mitchell, Terri Echarte, Margaret Nee, Sara Hernandez, Gayle Bainbridge, Jacqueline Cruz-Bustillo

Participants from the Brains and Beauty Club-Communities in Schools (opening act)

(front) Catalina Perez Cohn, Nicole Waters (Mercedes Benz, sponsor), Lisette Garcia, MJ Castells; (back) Alex Hicks, Dina Popper, Karen Brown, Maria Blet, Amy Bloom

(front) Marcela Lozano, Christine P. Bandin, Martha Rabbitt, Maxine M. Long; (back) Vivian Bauza, Aliette D. Rodz, Gladys Perez, Greta Trotman, Jocelyn Mroz

(front) Aiko Ortega, Kim English, Darlene Perez, Mirtha Boytell; (back) Carla Landau, Michele Baena, Gloria Barbier, Claudiana Ramirez, Ilona Bendix

(front) Raphael Bastian, Bunny Bastian, Norka Munilla, Natacha Munilla, Bartholomew Bastian; (back) Madeline Munilla, Laura Munilla, Cheryl Lawko, Ana Hernandez, Ana Figueroa Cisneros, Jackie Munilla, Jane Barrellier, Lori Andreu, Beatriz Martin, Rosy Rivero

Grantee Partners: (front) Sharon Langer, Edith Hudson, Elizabeth Sanchez Kennedy, Ariela Fegley; (back) Tiffany Dizon, Alta Joseph, Francesca Steele, Sandra Newson, Carson Osberg

Brenda Arce, Isadora Velazquez, Francis Santelices, Caroline Cimei, Michelle Citrin, Amber Martin, Melissa Dynan

(front) Lorena Zapustas, Commissioner Audrey M. Edmonson, Dr. Rosa Simmons, Zandra Rucker, Debra Owens, Tracie Auguste; (back) Kenasha Paul, School Board Member Dr. Dorothy Bendross Mindingall, Misty Brown, Beatrice Cazeau, Yolanda Cash-Jackson

(front) Ana Maria Rodriguez, Evita Francuz, Tania Fano, Lani Capote and Josee de Repentigny; (back) Sandra Rishmague, Dayami Emori, and Lynn Munoz (Apollo Bank)