2014 Power of the Purse Luncheon Reaches New Heights
BenefitingThe Women’s Fund: Powering Our Community To Change The World
Standing: Anne Fulenwider Editor in Chief Marie Claire, Marty Davis, Board member and Event Chair, Elisabetta Armellin, Founder and Creative Director V73, Marilyn March, Executive Director of The Women’s Fund; Sitting: Gloria Estefan and Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Cristina Saralegui

Anne Fulenwider, Jackie Nespral, Cristina Saralegui and Gloria Estefan

2014 Honoree Thelma Gibson, Phillis Oeters, Honorary Chair, 2014 honorees Marj Adler and Gail Mixer

More than 800 guests celebrated the POWER of women and girls at The Women’s Fund Miami-Dade’s signature luncheon, Power of the Purse. Event Chair and Board member Marty Davis, Honorary Chair Phillis Oeters, and Silent Auction Chair Cyndi Hibnick created an event which celebrated The Women’s Fund’s work, while highlighting the tremendous need in our community.

At the sound of trumpets, Jackie Nespral of NBC6 kicked off a dynamic program which included 2014 Honor Roll inductees Marj Adler, Thelma Gibson and Gail Mixer. Seven-time Grammy Award winner Gloria Estefan presented a specially- created Lifetime Achievement Award to journalist, host and media mogul, Cristina Saralegui. “For women there is no independence unless you’re economically independent,” said Cristina. “I’ve always had to fight not to be invisible. I am happy to say this is no longer the case ladies.” The award, created by artist Alfredo Ratinoff, included photos of Cristina’s personal and professional milestones in ceramic and glass.

Emotional and inspiring testimony of The Women’s Fund’s impact came from an Agape Network and Mustard Seed program client, whose name cannot be disclosed for her continued protection. The Symphony Ballroom at the Hilton Miami Downtown was pin-drop silent and then roared with a standing ovation. “Since 1993, The Women’s Fund has provided critical funding and support to grass-roots and best-in-class organizations that serve the women and girls in our community,” said Marilyn March, Executive Director of The Women’s Fund. “Our sponsors and supporters have once again enabled us to leverage their dollars into these strategic investments. The status of women and girls in Miami-Dade has made great strides, but our work is not done.”

Marie Claire’s Editor in Chief, Anne Fulenwider and V73’s Founder and Creative Director Elisabetta Armellin participated as Presenting Partners. “Marie Claire stands by the Women’s Fund because we know it takes collaboration to change the world,” said Anne Fulenwider. “We took this already amazing event and elevated it to a whole new level. We not only exceeded our attendance and fundraising goal, we received national media attention with the support of Marie Claire, Cristina Saralegui and Gloria Estefan. We are continuing to build on the momentum for the rest of 2014 and beyond,” said Marty Davis as he chuckled and added “you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Eighty fabulous limited edition V73 handbags, custom designed for The Women’s Fund, were the centerpieces available for purchase. “We were delighted to have Elisabetta Armellin, who flew in from Italy, to be among our guests. We fully unleashed the power of the purse at this year’s auction with incredible purses, wine and jewelry like ALO Diamonds and H&H Jewels” said silent auction Chair, Cyndi Hibnick.

Additional partners included Baptist Health South Florida, Macy’s, Tr3s, ALO Diamonds, American Airlines, Tri Mix Foundation, Leslie Sternlieb, NBC6, and the Miami Herald.

For information about The Women’s Fund, please call The Women’s Fund at 305.441.0506 or visit www.womensfundmiami.org.

Joann Soman, Board Chair, Cyndi Hibnick, Board member and Silent Auction Chair, Marty Davis, Board member and Event Chair and Marilyn March, Executive Director

Debra Frank Montero and Brenda Arce

Master of Ceremonies Jackie Nespral, NBC6, Phillis Oeters, Honorary Chair and Katherine Fernandez-Rundle, State Attorney

Presenting Handbag Partner V73 : Sonia Gibson, Elisabetta Armellin, Founder and Creative Director and Lucrezia de Persia

Steve Adkins President Gay and Lesbian Chamber, Marty Davis and Steve Haas Chairman Miami Dade County Convention and Visitors Bureau

Mark Trowbridge, President of the Coral Gables Chamber and James Cason, Coral Gables Mayor

Cristina Saralegui and Gloria Estefan

Board members Robin Landers, Beverly Greenberg, Jennifer Williams, Stacy Morris and Faye Wright

Lifetime Achievement Award, Artist Alfredo Ratinoff, Cristina Saralegui

Judge Cindy Lederman, Marilynn Gladstone, Marilyn March, and Joann Soman

Marilynn and Judge Bill Gladstone, Deborah Hoffman, Dacia Steiner, Anne Machado, and Chimene Longwater

Margaret McCaffery and Board member Janet Altman

Alexander Salgado and Gabrielle Barragan

Girls’ Choir of Miami from Girl Power

Standing: Osvaldo Onoz, Luz Helena Llano, Miguel Angel Perez, Mari Goicolea, Ignacio Saralegui, Cristina Zampieri, Marcos Avila; Sitting:Neida Sandoval, Teresa Rodiriquez, Heather Beltfan, Gloria Estafan, Cristina Saralegui

Jane Gilbert and Daniella Levine Cava

Ellen Shishko and Stacy Morris

Guest with Women’s Fund running shirt

Suzan McDowell, Marya Meyer, Erin Clancy

Reina Fernandez, Marcia Olivo, Leta Pittman

Jennifer Williams, Anne Fulenwider and Marilyn March

Maria Badillo, Kris Mathason and Marise Jimenez of Tr3s

Cristina Saralegui, Teresa Rodriguez and Xiomara Martinez

Board members Gloria Barbier and Norka Munilla

Women’s Fund Board of Directors

Thelma Gibson and Ronda Fuchs

Ron Karasz, Yolanda Zugasti, Neida Sandoval, Gloria Estefan and Cristina Saralegui