2016 Women of Distinction & Caring

Hon. Elaine Bloom, President & CEO, Plaza Health Network; Ilene Zweig, Executive Director, Plaza Health Network Foundation; Aida Levitan, Bea Hines, Nancy T. Hector, Pam Garrison, Robin Jacobs, Joy B. Spill, Esq., Hon. Gwen Margolis, Ron Lowy, Esq., Plaza Health Network Board Chairman.

Over 350 community leaders gathered together to celebrate and honor the volunteer service, professional achievements and philanthropy of seven exceptional women at the recent 2016 Women of Distinction & Caring Luncheon. Held at Jungle Island, the day’s festivities included a silent auction and art to wear boutiques, a champagne reception, lunch and the celebration of our Honorees:

Pam Garrison, RN, Nancy T. Hector, Bea Hines, Aida Levitan, Hon. Gwen Margolis, Joy B. Spill, Esq., and Robin Jacobs who was presented with the inaugural BESSIE Award for her outstanding community service.

“A civilization is judged by how it cares for its elderly”

The Plaza Health Network Foundation plays a critical role in the South Florida community. For the Plaza Health Network, 7 award winning rehabilitation and skilled nursing centers in Miami-Dade county, the Foundation supports innovative experiences for residents and patients that go above and beyond the primary needs covered by Medicare, Medicaid and insurances. Through outreach and health education programs, the Foundation addresses questions families have about health care for their aging loved ones.

Trish Bell and Debbie Benitez

Jennifer Boin and Rosy Cancela, past Honoree, Foundation Board Chair

Tracy Wilson Mourning, Thelma Gibson, past honorees

Aida Levitan, Rolando Rodriguez, Tina Cornely and Stella Holmes

Schatzi Kassal and Sandy Sears, past honorees

Victoria Cummock, Pam Garrison, RN, and Norma Jean Abraham, past honoree

Russell Galbut, Elaine Bloom, Robin Jacobs, inaugural recipient of BESSIE Award for Community Service, Ilene Zweig, Ron Lowy.

Maria Hidalgo, Miami Dade County State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle, past honoree and Josefina Carbonell, past honoree

Rachel Schuster, Administrator, South Pointe Plaza, Mark Muhlrad, Candace Muhlrad, Russell Galbut

Estefania Mesa, Karla Conway, Daniela Ustariz

Joy B. Spill, Esq. Betty Garrick and Berenice Chadowitz

Phyllis Webber and Marilyn Brown

Cristina Underwood, Jeanette Fruhman, Dr. Ann-Lynn Denker, Plaza Health Network Chief Clinical Officer, Elizabeth Page

Miami Beach Commissioner Micky Ross Steinberg, Michael Goldberg and Joy B. Spill, Esq.

Abraham Galbut and Moj Khaghan Danial

Daniel and Jillian Galbut

Sandie Lobue, Manisha Patel and Daniela Kohl

David Galbut, Dr. Michael Shen and Abraham Galbut

Elizabeth Bennett, Nancy T. Hector, Emily Clementer

Adam Johnson and Taffy Gould

Marilyn Gray and Robin Jacobs

Rosy Cancela and Alice Fisher

Maureen Ruggiero and Victoria Villalba, past honoree

Heather Davis, Norma Jean Abraham, Pauline Winick

Dr. Erin Bauer and Nancy T. Hector

Steve Rothaus and Jessi Berrin

Gerald Schwartz, Hon. Gwen Margolis, Steve Rothaus

Standing: Betty Brandt, Josephine Baker, Hildine Potashnick, Harriet Shapiro; seated: Claudine Smurfit and Dorothy St. Jean

Bea Hines and her guests

Aida Levitan and her guests

Jewelry Artist Giancarlo, designer of Sunburst Society Broach, Elaine Bloom, Linda Levy Goldberg, past honoree

Abraham and Nancy Galbut