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"An Affair On, In, and With the Motor Car"

Beverly Barrett; Prince Jonathan Doria Pamphilj; owner of the Creative Workshop, Jason Wenig; and Wolfsonian Advisory
Board Chair Finlay B. Matheson

Sandra Oliveri and Sheldon and Florence Anderson

It Was A Very Wolfsonian Week

The week kicked off by honoring major donors and wrapped up with the annual Very Wolfsonian Weekend, a three-day gala fundraiser that celebrated South Florida's rich car culture. "It was a week during which our supporters—past, present, and future—took center stage," notes Wolfsonian director Cathy Leff. "Our donors are a vital part of the museum, and it was very special to have these back-to-back events in which we formally honored donors throughout the museum’s history and then held our annual fundraiser."

The newly installed donor recognition wall was unveiled on November 10 by FIU President Mark B. Rosenberg. The wall honors major donors (gifts of $50,000 and above). Each donor's name is engraved on the spine of an aluminum book/time capsule in which they are invited to place mementos particular to them. Twenty-two individuals and family foundations who supported the museum during the past thirteen years were inducted into the wall and twelve long-standing corporate sponsors were recognized.

The week concluded with the three-day annual fundraiser. A Very Wolfsonian Weekend—"An Affair On, In, and With the Motor Car" got off to a strong start with cocktails at The Creative Workshop, hosted by Jason and Kim Wenig. Saturday evening featured an inspiring presentation by renowned car designer Chris Bangle followed by a reception at the Bacardi Building Plaza and dinner in the stunning Braman Motors Showroom, honoring Wolfsonian founder Micky Wolfson's 70th birthday. The weekend culminated with visits to The Fort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum and The Dauer Museum of Classic Cars.

Wolfsonian Advisory Board member Robert Wennett,
Jeffrey Kofman, Michael Levine, and Wolfsonian
Board member Michael N. Kreitzer

Wolfsonian Advisory Board members Gary Wasserman, Patricia Wallace, and her husband Milton

Terry & Rob Schechter, car designer Chris Bangle,
and Jeri Waxenberg

Wolfsonian Advisory Board Vice Chair Philip Scaturro,
Alberto and Susana Ibargüen, and Fred Hochberg

Norman and Irma Braman

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