7th Annual Vizcaya Preservation Luncheon
Benefiting Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
Joel M. Hoffman & Swanee DiMare

Vizcaya was a sea of classic and eclectic hats during the 7th Annual Vizcaya Preservation Luncheon, also known as the “Hat Luncheon,” attended by more than 300 guests. From wide brim to fascinator hats in pastels and bold colors, the day’s festivities included cocktails courtesy of GREY GOOSE Vodka, catering by A Thierry’s Catering and Event Design, modeling of precious jewelry by GRAFF Diamonds, elegant fashion looks from Oscar de la Renta and entertainment by Jeff Grainger. Lucky guests will have the opportunity to experience a $1,000 shopping spree with lunch for 10 courtesy of Neiman Marcus Coral Gables, a cruise aboard Celebrity Cruise Lines, a V°73 handbag and a one year membership to RedCap.

The Preservation Luncheon reprises the fashionable daytime events in the gardens, which were a tradition in Vizcaya’s early years. The luncheon raises funds to preserve and protect Vizcaya Museum and Gardens for the community and future generations to come. Bringing together a cross section of Miami’s social and philanthropic leaders donned in creative headwear, this luncheon is Vizcaya’s only major daytime fundraiser held on the estate.

The 7th Annual Vizcaya Preservation Luncheon’s Honorary Chair was Swanee DiMare; Co-Chairs were Sonia Gibson, Linda Levy Goldberg, Barbara Hevia, Laura C. Munilla and Lydia Touzet; and Committee Members were Eilah Campbell-Beavers, Lesli Brown, Ana Hernandez, Daysi Johansson, Carol Iacovelli, Marile Lopez, Christy Martin, Bronwyn Miller and Suzy Buckely Woodward.

The 7th Annual Vizcaya Preservation Luncheon was sponsored by Ana Maria Balda Decoraciones, Champagne Château de Bligny, Chateau D’Esclans Rosé, Connectaflor, GRAFF Diamonds, GREY GOOSE Vodka, Neiman Marcus Coral Gables, Park Grove, Oscar de la Renta, Royal Flowers, Selecta Magazine and A Thierry’s Catering and Event Design.

Linda Levy Goldberg, Lydia Touzet, Sonia Gibson, Swanee DiMare, Barbara Hevia & Laura C. Munilla

Oscar de la Renta dresses & GRAFF Diamonds accessories

Preservation Luncheon Committee

Roberto Sanchez, Nancy Vole, Nancy Batchelor & Michael Raynes

Gloria Sesana, Mayda Cisneros, Elvira Pupo & Silvia Trinidad

Giaconda Baltodano, Trish Bell & Amanda Rodriguez

Dr. Eugenia Legonduro, Alejandra Fernadez, Zaida Diaz & Cristina Concepcion

Liliam Machado, Cristina Concepcion, Jeni Acevedo, Maribel Alvarado, Maria Zenoz & Lourdes Almagro Araujo

Susan Pullin & Laura C. Munilla

Jeff Grainger entertaining guests at the 7th Annual Vizcaya Preservation Luncheon

Suzie Sayfie & Stephanie Sayfie Aagard

Guests enjoying lunch at the 7th Annual Vizcaya Preservation Luncheon

Carol Iacovelli, Bronwyn Miller & Suzy Buckley Woodward

Eilah Campbell-Beavers, Christy Martin & Marile Lopez

Christina Termine & Vivianne Kurzweil

Josefine Baker, Peggy Armaly, Walter Miller & Betty Brandt

William Meyersohn & Thierry Isambert

Jenny Kennedy & Daysi Johanson

Diane Ares & Andrea Holtz

Adriana Bermudes, Ami Dash & Nora Bulnes

Vivian Williams, Liliam Machado & Lourdes Valls

Dante Carpenter, Swanee DiMare & Patricia Lopez

Daysi Johansson, Lesli Brown & Ana Hernandez

7th Annual Vizcaya Preservation Luncheon floral arrangement