Vizcaya Centennial Gala

Miami's iconic Vizcaya kicked off a year of celebration of its 100th anniversary at the Vizcaya Centennial Gala. Guests walked down the historic Cascade entrance on a 200-foot Venetian blue carpet to the sold-out black-tie event and were greeted by cocktails and vintage cars as they entered the Gilded Age estate.

The evening's festivities included a stylish cocktail reception on the South Terrace and music throughout the Main House and gardens provided by University of Miami's Frost School of Music including the Henry Mancini Institute Orchestra, Frost Studio Jazz Band and the departments of Vocal and Instrumental Performance; a procession of illuminated lanterns lead guests from the reception to the dinner with catering by Le Basque; music also provided by the Valerie Tyson Band; and a sensational on-line silent auction. Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez graciously presented a proclamation, naming November 19, 2016 as Vizcaya Centennial Kick-Off Day.

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Vizcaya Centennial Ball Committee: Alexa Wolman, Lesli Ann Brown, Roxana Garciga, James W. Murphy, Swanee DiMare, Sonia Gibson, Cathy Jones, Joel M. Hoffman, Barbara Hevia, Linda Levy Goldberg, Pearl Baker Katz, Gladys Rustan-Hernando.

Vizcaya Executive Director and Centennial Ball Committee Co-Chairs: Joel M. Hoffman, Cathy L. Jones, Barbara Hevia, Christina Martin

Lexing Zhang, Stella Holmes, Lourdes Tudela, Miriam Salazar

Cathy Jones, Ana Fletcher, Arva Parks, Gregory Fletcher

Jeffrey Rynor, Kayla Rynor, Lydia Muniz

Dan Carlo, Tina Carlo

Maria Beguiristain, Dana Shear, Bronwyn Miller, Tara Solomon, Hadley Henriette, Yolanda Berkowitz

Lesli Ann Brown, Gladys Rustan-Hernando, Miriam Salazar

Alexa Wolman, Suzy Buckley Woodward, Bronwyn Miller, Pearl Baker-Katz

Bronwyn Miller, Sergio Gonzalez, Paul DiMare, Swanee DiMare, Patricia Andreu, Migna Sanchez Llorens

Laura Munilla, Juan Munilla

Sonia Gibson, Lourdes Tudela, Carolyn Drazinic, Gabriel Betancourt

Phillip Frost, Patricia Frost, James W. Murphy

Marcus Katz, Pearl Baker Katz

Betty Brandt, Nelson Brandt

Dan Bell, Trish Bell

Rudy Touzet, Lydia Touzet, Stefan Johansson, Daysi Johansson

Alessandro Restivo, Vicki Restivo, Laurie Evans, Michael Audie

Neil Flaxman, Commissioner Jean Monestime, Cathy L. Jones, James W. Murphy

Yolanda Berkowitz, Luis Garcia Fanjul, Judith Kamps Garcia, Jeff Berkowitz

Christina Martin, David Martin

Jose Hevia, Barbara Hevia

Daisy Olivera, Bernerd Garsen

Dr. Amar Rajadhyaksha, Meghana Rajadhyaksha

Gregory Fletcher, Ana Fletcher

Karla Richey, Scott Richey

Hillary Scurtis, Taki Scurtis, Sharon Spillis

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez and Commissioner Sally Heyman present proclamation to Vizcaya's Executive Director Dr. Joel M. Hoffman declaring November 19, 2016 as Vizcaya Centennial Kickoff Day.

Music throughout Vizcaya's Main House and Gardens was provided by University of Miami's Frost School of Music.

The Vizcaya Centennial Gala culminated in a fireworks display above the Barge overlooking Biscayne Bay.

Guests danced into the night and watched fireworks along Biscayne Bay. Among the guests were Trish and Dan Bell, Yolanda and Jeff Berkowitz, Betty Brandt, Criselda Breene, Dan and Tina Carlo, Victoria Cummock, Swanee and Paul DiMare, Neil Flaxman, Patricia and Phillip Frost, Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez, Miami-Dade County Commissioner Sally Heyman, Carol and Marc Iacovelli, Arva Moore Parks McCabe, Miami-Dade County Commission Chairman Jean Monestime, Laura and Juan Munilla, Kayla and Jeff Rynor, Senator Paul Steinberg among others.

The Vizcaya Centennial Gala co-chairs are Barbara and Jose Hevia, Cathy L. Jones and Christina and David Martin. Committee members are Leslie Ann Brown, Swanee DiMare, Roxana Garciga, Sonia Gibson, Linda Levy Goldberg, Gladys Rustan-Hernando, Daysi Johansson, Pearl Baker Katz, James W. Murphy Lydia Touzet, Nadia Valdes and Alexa Wolman. Proceeds support the protection and preservation of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.