Color My World 16th Annual Gala
Benefiting children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families
Barry Nelson, Judy Nelson and Miami-Dade County Commissioner Sally Haymen

Dr. & Mrs. Steven Sheinman and Dr. & Mrs. Mark Firestone

Michael Yavner, Michael Israel and Erin Yavner

The Gala Committee Chair of Color My World and the President of the Parent Association of The Victory Center, Rhonda Hill, set the tone for the evening with a few simple words that reflect both art and life.

“A blank canvas, a vision/life emerges; emotions evolve in life from the colors we see.

Red evokes energy, passion, intensity; green evokes jealousy and greed; blue evokes tranquility, calmness or even sadness and yellow evokes joy and happiness. Art and life

may be seen in black, white or shades of gray. The lines may be sharp or blurred. Aristotle declared that art imitates life. Oscar Wilde contended that life imitates art. Regardless of what we personally believe, we celebrate art as a reflection of personal experiences along with our similarities and differences as we are woven together in this tapestry of life.” Rhonda Hill

Over 250 people came out in support of The Victory Center’s Annual Gala benefitting children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families! And, what an amazing event it was! Honorees Judi and Barry Nelson, though excited to have been chosen, graciously shared the honor with individuals, sponsors, foundations, government agencies, parents, volunteers and donors who made this evening possible and to all those who have supported The Victory Center since its inception in 2000. The recent launch of The Victory Center’s Capital Campaign for a new building, which will provide much needed space to serve more children, created quite a buzz throughout the evening.

The future home of The Victory Center is the result of a shared vision and dream of the Board of Directors of The Victory Center and a partnership with the Michael Ann Russell JCC spearheaded by their Executive Director, Gary Bomzer. Guest speakers, Commissioner Sally Heyman, representing District 4, Dr. Michael Alessandri, Executive Director of the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities and Mayor Enid Weisman of the City of Aventura endorsed the work of The Victory Center and captivated everyone with personal stories of their experiences and knowledge of ASD.

The food was incredible, the company sublime and the silent and live auctions were so much fun! The Diplomat Golf and Tennis Club was the perfect venue to showcase the extraordinary talent of world renowned artist Michael Israel. Now imagine this, the music is blasting, Michael Israel is on stage and using only his hands, a large blank canvas is transformed into a portrait of John Lennon (upside down) right before your eyes! Breathtaking! And, just in case you could not believe your eyes, he did six different portraits!

A special thank you to everyone who give so generously of their time, talent and resources in support of The Victory Center. We cannot do it without you! Thank you!

You might be thinking it will be difficult to top this but get ready! The Gala Committee is already working behind the scenes to dazzle you with yet another spectacular evening you won’t forget!

Save the Date, March 11, 2017. See you then!

Michael Israel on Stage

David & Rachel Barnett

Dr. Michael Alessandri & Guest

Leatrice Stutz and Family

The Heart and Soul of The Victory Center

Wayne & Leslie Pathman

Barry Nelson, Doris Suttin and Guest, Isabella St. Cyr and Dr Arthur Diskin

Dr. Maria Oliver and Cliff Ain

Marianna and Betty Rosenbaum with Veronic & Patrick Hill

Lindsey Jorgensen, Antia Tomic, Lanie Berman, Mirlene Dubreuze, Nina Gonzalez and Jocelyn Rodriquez

Barry & Judi Nelson with Mayor Enid Weisman

Dr. Andre Mcharaj and Dr. Logan McDowell

Judy Nelson, Jesse Nelson, Barry Nelson and Dr. Tamara Moody

Michael, Erin & Rachel Yavner with Guests

Mr. Paul Fass and Guests

Ladies in Red and Special Guests

Maria Soto, Jasmine Camacho, Alex Soegaard, Lindsey Jorgensen, Tiffany Morhaim, Nicole Conroy and Annie Isabella

BJ & Jennifer Okcular

Dr. & Mrs. Steven Sheinman

Franz Vital and Guest

Marc & Lynn Douglas

Jesse Nelson, Judy Nelson, Dayra Negron and David Stambul

Dr. Maria Oliver, Murray Fischer and Raquel Pance

Betty Shan & Daughter

Michael Israel and Adee Kirkconnell

Stacey & David Barnett

Cliff Ain and Dr. Tara Loughrey