Fourth Annual Singles Bachelor Auction for Switchboard
Benefiting Switchboard Miami
Switchboard of Miami’s Fourth Annual Singles Bachelor Auction for Switchboard was an amazing success! After a year of planning, Switchboard’s Women’s Leadership Council welcomed over 450 guests to the Conrad Miami in Brickell. Forty of Miami’s most eligible (and philanthropic) bachelors put their best foot forward on the runway, with event highlights such as our top seller, Jason Lord, bringing in $975. Additionally, bachelors like Jorge Salazar, David Carson, and Gerald Christiansen, the cover of this February’s Brickell Magazine, were highly entertaining and had guests screaming for more. This year’s host was Maria Mas-Blet, CEO and Managing Principle at GSK Wealth Advisors. At her side, Joyce Kuschinsky from Redland Auction Co. provided auction services, helping Switchboard raise over $45,000. Thanks to the support of Brickell Magazine, the Conrad Miami, SX Liquors, and over fifty sponsors, Switchboard is looking forward to next year’s Singles for Switchboard Bachelor Auction. For more information on this event, or to become a sponsor for next year, contact or call (305) 358-1640 x 8179.

Switchboard COO Jeff Struchtemeyer and Switchboard CEO/President Catherine Penrod are amazed at this year’s success.

Jared Klein, Emily Ginsberg, and Kyle Obradovich stand together for Switchboard.

Les Bradley, Kevin St Cin, Mike Langley, and Jordan Harris debut as bachelors this year.

Hugging host Maria Mas-Blast on either side, Yudi Fernandez (left) and Marina Foglia (right) were this year’s event chairs.

This year, the date packages were wild. Franco Fiorio brought a 40-foot yacht to the table!

This year Switchboard had 40 bachelors donate their time and talents to raise money.

Over 450 of Brickell’s finest came out to the Conrad Miami to support Switchboard and win some bachelors.

A white-suited stallion, John Leinicke poses with Evan Northup before making it to the runway.

WLC Member Emily Ginsberg stands with her friends with Brickell Magazine, the S4S Official Media Sponsor

Caroline Goeseke (right) is one of Switchboard’s most longstanding Women’s Leadership Council members

The Women’s Leadership Council spent one year planning this event to enormous success.

Marina Foglia, Maria Mas-Blet, Catherine Penrod (Switchboard CEO/President) and Yudi Fernandez pose before the event.

WLC Members Carmella Jacobitti and Barbara Komer know how to Connect with Switchboard.

Jason Lord, a bachelor, and Tania Dominguez, a WLC Member, are ready for the auction.

Diego Orlandini (bachelor) and Evan Northup (WLC Member) link up to support Switchboard.

The bachelors wait in the Bachelor Pad before heading out to the runway.

Caroline Goeske, Yudi Fernandez, and Switchboard Staffer Amy Crismond stand proud on the night of this long-planned event.

Switchboard staff comes out to support our efforts. Posed: Cintia Borgese, Ana Paula Lopez, Alex Fajardo, and Marcella Cruz

Jon Bragman smiles before getting ready to sell for Switchboard.

Who said bachelors can’t have a sensitive side? Mike Langley poses with his “The Notebook” sign.

Two bachelors, Brian Breslin and Vonnell Martinez, pose.

This year’s dessert sponsors were sinfully sweet—thanks to Seasons 52, Café Papillon, and Crepe Maker.

Our staff and volunteers look fabulous as they check guests in. Pictured: Sheena Prophete, Nicole Franco, and Mia Buitrago.

Boyan Valchanov is auctioned off by Redland Auction Co’s CEO and Auctioneer, Joyce Kuschinsky.