Silverspot Cinema VIP Opening
Diana Rodriguez and Gonzalo Ulivi, Managing Partner of Silverspot Cinema

Silverspot Cinema celebrated its official grand opening with an invitation-only private event attended by influencers from the community, film and media. Its swanky new flagship Downtown Miami location reveals final phase of construction project, presenting an immersive cinematic experience, complete with in-theater dining, unparalleled technology and sleek ambiance. Amenities include cutting-edge laser projectors, recliner seats with dining tables, and a world-class bar and lounge, resulting in an unrivaled high-tech experience with first-class comforts.

With construction now complete, the theater nearly doubles the number of movie screens previously open, now boasting six floors, 17 screens (3 with 3D capabilities), 1483 seats and private event space, totaling more than 75,000 sq ft in size. The grand opening additionally marks the inauguration of our Dolby Atmos Theater, a state-of-the-art auditorium featuring the very latest in movie theater audio and video technology.

The Downtown Miami location opens as Silverspot’s flagship cinema as it continues its rapid national expansion of dine-in theaters. “We’re proud to contribute to the amazing growth of the greater Downtown Miami area and look forward to sharing a world-class entertainment destination with our community for years to come.” Said Gonzalo Ulivi, Managing Partner of Silverspot Cinema. Silverspot Cinema is located at MetSquare, 300 SE 3rd Street in Downtown Miami.

Photos by Manny Hernandez

Jaie Laplante, Tony Hernandez

Evelor Savior, Daedrian McNaughton

Dr. Maria LaVoice, Ana Margarita Martinez, Diana Rodriguez, Mayte L'Oro

Ana Margarita Martinez

Ljupka Todorovic, Aleksandra Simanic

Gonzalo Ulivi, Managing Partner of Silverspot Cinema, Diana Aleman, Tony Hernandez, Jaie Laplante

Kristell and Ed Bart

Denisse Hernandez, Monica Gonzalez

Patrick Gamero, Alexandra Hernandez

Andres Correa, Ashley Tong

Melody Wendt, Breton Applebaum, Michelle Applebaum

Miguel Castanet Jr, Joe Granda

Kelly Fink, Jennifer Vitrella

Tony Hernandez, Diana Aleman

Manu Manzo