Pawpurrazzi: A “Dog-Gone” Fabulous Event
Benefiting Humane Society of Greater Miami
Pat and Milton Wallace with Chloe

Sandy Batchelor, Jon and Nancy Batchelor representing The Batchelor Foundation

At Pawpurrazzi the dogs are the stars and their owners are the accessories. And it couldn’t be more amazing. In its fifth year, Chairmen Pat and Milton Wallace and Bunny Bastian created a one-of-a-kind experience at Jungle Island, raising more than $550,000 for the Humane Society of Greater Miami. The more than 500 guests agreed it was an awesome, “paw-some” event!

South Motors was the Presenting Sponsor for the fifth year. Marisa Cisneros-Rizzon, Juan Lopez, Vice President and General Manager of Saks Fifth Avenue, Dadeland, and Ann Rubino put together the incredible silent auction.

The show’s stars included the “Top Dogs and Best in Show”, The Batchelor Foundation, featuring Sandy, Jon and Nancy Batchelor; “Humane-itarian and Best of Breed”, Penny and Roe Stamps; “Animal Ambassadors and Star Dogs: Dr. Fredric Brandt; Yvonne and Chas Eldredge, Emily Damiano, Irene Korge, Linda and Patrick McEnany, and Maggie Villacampa representing U.S. Trust; and all the “Diplomats and Doggie Darlings”: Terry, and son, Marc, Buoniconti, Sheila and Frank Kuhl from Coconut Grove Gallery & Interiors, Lizette and Angel Diaz, Joyce and Skip Dickerson, Swanee and Paul DiMare, Alicia Celorio representing Do Unto Others Trust, Jeanette Fine, Flossie and Roland Gomez, Lola Jacobson and granddaughter, Marisa Toccin, DJ and Steven Kerr, Helene and Marc Kovens, Jacquelyn and Jorge Munilla, Ed Joyce representing Northern Trust, Steve Feinberg representing Pet Supermarket, Christy and Earl Powell, Ann and Frank Rubino, Bob Brunn representing Ryder Charitable Foundation, Sandy Zankl, and Joe Zubizarreta.

Before the “Great Pets Who Walk in Front of Great People” show, guests enjoyed a cocktail reception filled with activities for both two-legged and four-legged guests. The food was non-stop. Next came a delicious filet mignon dinner followed by a fantasy come true dessert buffet. For information on Pawpurrazzi 2014, scheduled for Friday, January 24, 2014, or the Humane Society of Greater Miami, call Laurie Hoffman at 305-749-1815 or email her at

Christopher Bastian, Bart Bastian with Flora, Sean Bastian, Kateri Boink with Skipper, Holt Boink, James Boink, Marika Boink with King, Bunny Bastian, Raphael Bastian

Penny and Roe Stamps with Ella

Charles and Fanny Dascal

Emily Borababy with Lincoln, Alicia Celorio, Founder Do Unto Others Trust

Juan Lopez, Vice President and General Manager Saks, Dadeland with Lola, Carmen Lopez

Stephen Colleu with Tyler, Dr. Fredric Brandt with Benji and Surya

Emily Damiano with Suzette, Yvonne Eldredge with Lady Bitsy

Patrick McEnany with Caesar, Linda McEnany

Patrick Mormile, Daniel Villacampa, Maggie Villacampa, Representing U.S. Trust, Jorge Villacampa, and Samantha Mormile

Irene Korge with Zoe, Lizette Diaz with Lucy

Marisa Cisneros-Rizzon and Marcos Rizzon

Ruby Bacardi

R. Kirk Landon and Pamela Garrison

Daniel Contreras, Richard Gomez with Kris, Amanda Contreras, Roland and Flossie Gomez, Lisa DePriest

Jeanette Fine with Scooter, June Weiss with Scamper

Steve Kerr with Angelina, Zachary Kerr with Princess, DJ Kerr with Beauty

Nancy Denison

Lola Jacobson, Marisa Toccin

Representing Pet Supermarket: Steve Feinberg, Steve Renzelmann

Bob Brunn representing Ryder Charitable Foundation

Helene Kovens with Love, Hugs, and Kisses

Jackie and Jorge Munilla

Ann and Frank Rubino

Lily Maddock with Max, Mimi Maddock, Joyce Dickerson

Swanee DiMare with Korbel, Paul DiMare

Ed Joyce, Northern Trust’s President South Florida Region, Chris Joyce

Sandy Zankl with Barney

Joe Zubizarreta with Pepper, Michael Zubizarreta with Frilly

Frank and Sheila Kuhl with Bailey

Marc Buoniconti, Terry Buoniconti

Christy and Earl Powell

Michael and Laura Jones

Donna and Michael Tallon

Roark Young, Rebecca Spinale