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Runway Goes to the Dogs for Pawpurrazzi
Hosted by the Humane Society of Greater Miami Adopt-A-Pet,
South Motors and Saks Fifth Avenue, Dadeland

Event Chairpersons Milton and Pat Wallace with Hanna & Chloe

Pamela Garrison and R. Kirk Landon with Aristophanes

Miami’s top dogs strutted the catwalk in support of the Humane Society of Greater Miami Adopt-A-Pet for the second year at Jungle Island. An all-star lineup of pet-loving philanthropists were present, including Chairpersons Pat and Milton Wallace, “Top Dogs and Best in Show” Pamela Garrison and R. Kirk Landon; “Humane-itarians and Best of Breed” Bunny Bastian, Anna May and Eugene Conese, Marisa Cisneros-Rizzon and her husband Marcos Rizzon, and Nancy, Jon, and Sandy Batchelor.

Mrs. Tova Leidesdorf, Sally and Seymour Nash, and Allison Nash-Zelkowitz and husband Steven Zelkowitz were also in attendance serving as the “Animal Ambassadors” and their pups as the “Star Dogs”. Luxury car dealer and presenting sponsor, South Motors with Mascot, Luky, showed their support in helping to raise more than $375,000 for more than 200 homeless dogs, cats, puppies and kittens cared for each day at the Soffer and Fine Adoption Center in North Miami Beach.

Hundreds of pampered pooches wearing the latest in dog fashions, from studded collars and leashes to tuxedos and tutus, enjoyed portraits drawn by sketch artists, makeovers, doggie ice cream and treats. Their fashionable counterparts enjoyed an exciting silent auction, a grand selection of hors d’oeurves by Jungle Island and cocktails by Bacardi.

During the seated dinner, Chairperson Pat Wallace introduced Miami’s glamourati as they did their best catwalk with pups in tow for the “Great Pets Who Walk In Front of Great People” show followed by ready-to-wear poolside looks by Saks Fifth Avenue, Dadeland. The vibrant guest list included Dr. Fredric Brandt, Swanee and Paul DiMare, Jeanette and Ted Fine, Barbara and Mort Guilford, Helene and Marc Kovens, D.J. and Steven Kerr, Linda and Patrick McEnany, Jackie and Jorge Munilla, Anna Rentz, Kathie Schlesinger, Bob and Sookey Schwartz, Mayor Glenn Singer, Rebecca Spinale, Fanny and Charles Dascal, Janie and Jimmy Tate and Robyn Tauber.

Karla Dascal, of Karla Conceptual Event Experiences, lent her talent to Pawpurrazzi and made it a truly spectacular affair with her impeccable and exquisite style. Stephanie Tisch, of Seraph Design + Branding, left her creative “paw print” on the design of the invitation which was also incorporated into the event’s décor. Special support was also given to the event by emcee Lisa Petrillo of CBS4, Zakarin Public Relations, Stella’s Sweet Shoppe, and world-renowned artist Marc Tetro.

The Humane Society of Greater Miami Adopt-A-Pet has been helping homeless animals in Miami-Dade County since 1936 and is dedicated to placing every dog and cat in their care into a loving home, and to promote responsible pet ownership and spay/neuter programs.

Anna May and Eugene Conese with
Lady Diana and Prince Charles

Bunny Bastian with grandchildren Kateri, Holt and Marika with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels King and Skipper

Andreina and Marisa Cisneros-Rizzon with Gwenivere

Tova Leidesdorf with Mr. Pinchie

Jon and Nancy Batchelor

Helene Kovens with Hugs & Kisses

Jeanette and Ted Fine with
two adoptable 'greys' from the
Humane Society of Greater Miami

Sally and Seymour Nash,
Allison Nash-Zelkowitz with
canines Jackson and Bonnie

Sandy Batchelor and daughter, Cari,
with adoptable dog, Scruffy, from the
Humane Society of Greater Miami

Melanie and Ryan Herman
with adoptable dog Joey

Dr. Fredric Brandt
with Benji, Surya & Tyler

Paul and Swanee DiMare
with Moet & Cristal

Zachary and D.J. Kerr
with Princess & Beauty

Gwen and Michael Taylor with Woositu

Lisa Pliner with Babydoll

Mary Kartsonakis, Steven Decanter,
Bridgette Rok with Foxy, Mellisa Chaykin

Model styling fashions from Saks Fifth Avenue Dadeland

Mort and Barbara Guilford
with Rudolph Valentino II

Amy Zakarin with Jagger

Linda McEnany with Beauty

Ana Maria and Mark Gordon with
Pete, adoptable dog from the
Humane Society of Great Miami

Paul Garcia with South Motors'
mascot, Luky

Bob Brunn, Executive Director of
Ryder Charitable Foundation,
with TLD, The Little Dog

Jackie and Jorge Munilla with Tyson

Mayor Glenn Singer and Darla

Jerry and Jane Goodman,
Bern Levine with Wussie

Rebecca Sonn With Susie, Rachel Cohen, Marta Goldberg with Alfie

D.J. Kerr with Beauty, Lisa Pliner with Babydoll, Rene Ruiz with Dexter

Stephen Spinale and Rebecca
Spinale with Tiger

Robin and Bentley Levy

Helene and Marc Kovens
with Hugs & Kisses

Robyn Tauber with Carly

Sarah Bannister with Daisy

Judy Adler with Bailey

The Tate Family

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