South Miami Hospital - Kidz Medical Services Mercury Ball
$650,000 Raised for Child Development Center

Mercury Ball Committee: Jorge Perez, M.D., and Kerry Perez, co-chairs with committee members
Charles Miller, Cristy Frias and Gabriel De Armas Jr.

South Miami Hospital supporters were "off to the races" at this year's Mercury Ball, a Derby-themed event designed to create a brighter future for the community's children. Upholding a tradition of giving that began 57 years ago, more than 400 guests dined, danced and celebrated the hospital's successes, ultimately raising $650,000 for South Miami Hospital's Child Development Center.

For 25 years, the Child Development Center has offered diagnostic and early intervention services for children with possible developmental problems. The Center's team includes pediatricians, occupational and physical therapists, speech/language pathologists and social workers. Each year, the Center operates at a deficit, so philanthropy is key to reaching children early to achieve the best possible outcome.

Philanthropy also was key to the success of the "NowICU" campaign, the beneficiary of the 2017 Mercury Ball. Thanks to the generosity of donors, all 62 beds in the South Miami Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit are now equipped with web-enabled cameras allowing anxious parents to "see" their babies anytime, day or night. This year's gala-goers had the opportunity to see firsthand how the cameras function, through parents' testimonials and a real-time view on the screen.

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Debbie Taño and Albert Taño, M.D.,
Mercury Ball co-chairs

Carmen de Lerma, M.D., director of South Miami Hospital’s Child Development Center

Barry Katzen, M.D., founder and chief medical executive of Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute, and America and Lincoln Mendez, CEO of South Miami Hospital

Mari and Romeo Majano, M.D., South Miami Hospital’s Person of the Year 

Yerby Barker and America and Lincoln Mendez

Victor Barredo, M.D. and Marie Barredo  

Jeremy Tabak, M.D. and
Marjorie Tabak

Jeff and Jaclyn Taylor, and Paige and Jeff Lewis

Rudy Kranys, chair emeritus of Baptist Health Foundation Board, and Lois Russell

Sallie Ball

Milly Marrero and Juan-Carlos Verdeja, M.D., and Mark Miggins and Jane Alonso 

Timothy and Michele Dudley

Carmen and Carlos Rodriguez  

Charlize, Anice, Krissy and JD Ducanes

Zenia and Ghassan Haddad, M.D.

Vicky and Jorge Rabaza, M.D.

Yvonne Johnson, M.D.

James Loewenherz, M.D. and Esta Orovitz

Natasha Lowell and Bruce MacArthur

The Ball also featured a longtime tradition associated with the event: The naming of South Miami Hospital's "Person of the Year." This year's honoree was Romeo Majano, M.D., chief of cardiovascular service and associate director of the Cardiac Catheterization Lab at Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute's South Miami Hospital location. Dr. Majano has a keen interest in the design and development of new medical devices and currently has three U.S. patents on devices being co-developed in Germany.

The evening was presented by Kidz Medical Services, which provides pediatric and neonatal services in South Florida. Additional sponsors included Crystal Cruises, Florida Heart Care, Michele and Tim Dudley, First National Bank of South Miami, OHL Building, Radiology Associates of South Florida, Tri-City Electric, Karel Foti, and Opus Care. Mercury Ball co-chairs were Kerry and Jorge Perez, M.D., and Debbie and Albert Taño, M.D.

To support the Child Development Center or the numerous other worthy causes across Baptist Health South Florida, visit or call 786-467-5400.