Miami Dade College 2015 Alumni Hall of Fame Awards Gala
Miami Dade College (MDC) celebrated one of its most cherished traditions, recognizing distinguished alumni making a difference in the community and beyond at the 2015 Alumni Hall of Fame Awards Gala, which was held at the Hilton Miami Downtown.

This year’s inductees represent a variety of industries including business, health care, visual arts, journalism, sports, law, and public service. Hall of Fame inductees are recognized for the positive impact on their profession, the community and the College. The Hall of Fame Awards Gala not only honors the outstanding recipients but also serves as a fundraiser for student scholarships. Thanks to our sponsors more than 1,000 tickets were sold for this event. The MDC Foundation would like to give especial thanks to its presenting sponsors: Mitchell Wolfson Sr. Foundation and OHL-Arellano Construction as well as its featuring sponsors: Leon Medial Centers and Oceania Cruises, Inc.

2015 Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees

Javier Flores, Harold Correa and Francisco Flores

Teo Castellanos and Rodolfo Llanes


Ricardo Forbes, Armando Ferrer, Mattie Roig-Watnik
and Pete Gutierrez

Sonja Bogensperger and Juan Del Busto

David Rousseau and Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón

(Standing) Nelly and Mike Farra; (seated) guest and Raul Valdes-Fauli

Armando J. Bucelo, Jr., his wife and guest

Beatrice Louissaint and Ernie Diaz

Ralph & Cookie Gazitúa, Barry Johnson
and Raul G. Valdes-Fauli

David Rousseau, Ralph G. Patino, Elizabeth Patino and guest

Antonio Puente with his wife and son

Julie Grimes, Jeffrey Wolach and Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón

Julie Grimes, Nancy San Martin and Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón

Julie Grimes, Dr. Rodger Aidman and Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón

Guest, Alex Villoch and Barry Johnson

Jose K. Fuentes and Arsenio Milian

Julie Grimes and Darrell D. Roberts

Grisel Fernandez-Bravo and guest

Gary and Janet B. Barker

Vivian and Darrell D. Roberts

Carlos Harrison and guest

Dean Gunter, Harold Correa, Jorge Mejia and Raul Ibanez

Dr. Claudia Valderrama, Lucia Soria and Grisel Fernandez-Bravo