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Miami City Ballet’s World Premiere of NIGHTSPOT
A Twyla Tharp and Elvis Costello Collaboration


Tina Carlo, Chairman; Rosalind Richter, Chairman;
Edward Villella; & Gerri LeBow, Chairman

Edward Villella, Twyla Tharp, Elvis Costello,
& Linda Villella

Miami City Ballet, the internationally acclaimed dance company under the artistic direction of Edward Villella, hosted a World Premiere Celebration recently at Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County. The event commemorated the first performance of a brand new work NIGHTSPOT created for Miami City Ballet’s dancers by world renowned modern dance choreographer Twyla Tharp, set to music by singer-songwriter Elvis Costello, with costumes designed by Isaac Mizrahi.

A drawing took place on-stage during intermission where luxurious gifts included: a $50 thousand diamond necklace by GRAFF; a Silversea cruise; a Neiman Marcus shopping spree and trip to London; and a five-star ski vacation in Steamboat, Colorado.

The Celebration took place at the Ziff Ballet Opera House immediately following the performance. The post-show festivities included a Black Tie on stage dinner dance with honored guests Twyla Tharp and Elvis Costello. Costello sang an impromptu rendition of My Funny Valentine with the George Tandy Orchestra, a special treat for all who attended.

A simultaneous Party “NIGHTSPOT Lounge” hosted by Partners en Pointe included glamorous young patrons of the ballet who mingled with Tharp and Costello, partied, and danced the night away.

Betty Madigan Brandt, Honorary
Co-Chairman & Benefactor with
Jeremy Cox

Diane & Irving Siegel,
Honorary Co-Chairmen & Benefactor

Karen Mitchell Curran, President MCB Board of Governors, Benefactor, KPMG
& Dan Curran

Ali Mahallati; Rosa Sugranes; Frances Aldrich Sevilla-Sacasa, Vice President MCB Board of Governors and Benefactor;
& Luis Lauredo

Stephen Burnelle, V.P. & General Manager,
Neiman Marcus Merrick Park; Tina Carlo, President,
Partners en Pointe; & Dan Carlo

Florence and Sheldon Anderson, Benefactor, Northern Trust

Susan Pullin, Manager GRAFF
Bal Harbour & Craig Miller,
Director GRAFF

Michele Benesch, Underwriter &
Scott Benesch, Partners en Pointe

Susan & George Levin, Underwriter

Thea & Howard Lorber, Underwriter

Morton Aagaard & Stephanie Sayfie Aagaard, Mcee for Stage Drawing and Partners en Pointe NIGHTSPOT Lounge

Dr. Lisa Esserman; Charlene Esserman; Ron Esserman;
Dr. James Esserman; & Lynda Esserman

Dr. Amy Buchman & Larry Eisenberg, Underwriter

Henri Barguirdijan,
President & CEO of GRAFF

Meike Miniaci & Dominick Miniaci

R. Kirk Landon & Pamela Garrison, Benefactor

Dr. Margaret & Mike Eidson,
Chairman MCB Board of Governors,

Julianne & Derek McDowell,
Partners en Pointe

Jeff & Heather Bass, Drawing winner of the Silversea Cruise,
Partners en Pointe

Charlie Cinnamon; Shelley Acoca; James Ansin, Benefactor; Toby Lerner Ansin, Founder of MCB

Dan & Tina Carlo, Marquee Sponsors of NIGHTSPOT Lounge; David & Susan Edelstein, W Hotel & Residences at South Beach, Premiere Sponsors of NIGHTSPOT Lounge

Rosalind & Dan Richter,
Executive Committee Underwriter

Gerri & Bennett LeBow,
Executive Committee Benefactor

Jean Louis & Ingrid Fatio

Marisa Toccin & Lola Jacobson

Allison & William Holly,
Partners en Pointe

Tom & Kim Wood,
Partners en Pointe

Tony Jones; Jamie Eroncig, Partners en Pointe;
Bobi & James Eroncig, Co-Chairmen

Kara & John Crotty; Paula & Mike Fay,
Partners en Pointe

Steven & Melissa Chaykin

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