2011 MAM Ball
Alfie and Raysa Fanjul, Darlene and Jorge Perez

Ricky Arriola, Gail Meyers, Andrew Hall

Historically one of Miami’s most elite formal affairs since its inception in 1983, and amplified over the last 10 years by Art Basel Miami Beach’s posh patrons, this year’s Miami Art Museum (MAM) Ball marked a new era with celebrity hosts, artist ambassadors, and the first annual “Crash the Ball” party.

Opening the door to a dynamic new guest list, this year’s hosts and ambassadors ranged from famed artists to bold face names like Dolphins owner Steve Ross; the next set of socialites and collectors; and Miami and Art Basel’s most established gala goers.

Miami’s biggest art patrons including Jorge M. Pérez, a top collector of Latin American art in the US; Gary Nader, owner of one of the largest galleries in the world; the sugar empire’s Fanjul family and many more, united all corners of Miami’s sophisticated circles.

This year’s MAM Ball brought an authentically artistic crowd to the black-tie bash. MAM Ball patrons were treated to an exclusive viewing of Miami-based, internationally acclaimed artist Dara Friedman’s latest video work, Dancer.

The Museum has also commissioned artworks by recognized artists Carlos Betancourt, Jacin Giordano, Michael Loveland, Gean Moreno & Ernesto Oroza, Martin Oppel, Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova, Jen Stark and Frances Trombly, which were the focal point of each Ball table. The artworks were available for purchase, offering a meaningful memory and piece of art from an epic evening.

The Ball concluded with the first annual premier of “Crash the Ball” as the official after party led by MAM Contemporaries, the museum’s young professional group. Guests danced to AndrewAndrew as they transformed the event into Basel’s biggest dance party. Guests were treated to a sneak peek of The Art of 5 Minutes, a video installation featuring an exhibition of music videos seen through the lens of contemporary art. Selections included some of today's most innovative works in music video art; featuring award-winning directors such as Nabil Elderkin, visual creator for artists like Kanye West and Bon Iver and Miami's own Gil Green, most noted for creating the modern-day hip-hop aesthetic for today's biggest pop icons like Lil Wayne, Diddy, and Drake.

Philip and Judy George with Thom Collins

Terry Schechter, Diane Grob, Larry Hoffman

Christine Binswanger and Patrick Blanc

Walid Wahad and Zaha Hadid

Aaron Podhurst

Commissioner Mark Sarnoff and Pamela Garison

Darlene and Jorge Perez

Arthur and Sari Agatston

Lisa and Donald Pliner

Solita and Steven Mishaan

Tara Solomon and Alicia Cervera

Louis Aguirre, Gingi Beltran, Marcella and Daniel Novela

Tui Pranich with Ranjana and Naheem Khan

Alberto and Susana Ibarguen

Mark and Julie Paresky

Nedra Kalish and Holmes Newman

George Lindmann, Pat Papper and Jan Morrison

Michael Loveland, Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova, Brandi Reddick and Carlos Betancourt

Robert Chambers

Brian and Jane Mormile

Jane and Gerald Katcher

Mark and Nedra Oren

Jennifer and Gary Nader

Sarah Arison, Elizabeth Baumann, Alexandra Gonzalez

Paul and Jeannine Lehr

Rafael and Marijean Miyar

Nina Johnston and Daniel Milewski

DJs Andrew Andrew

Dr. Calos Pinella and Hazel Pinella, Vivian Alvarez, J. Ricky Arriola

Terry Vento and Peter McNamara

Debi and Larry Hoffman

Susana Ibarguen and Darlene Perez

Thom Collins, Darlene and Jorge Perez