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Lion of Judah Luncheon Celebrates Philanthropic Women

Lion of Judah Event Chairs Oriana Azizollahoff,
Dolores Wolf, Marsha Gilbert and Amy Hollub

Hili Scheck, Michele Scheck, General Campaign Chair for Women's Philanthropy Raquel Scheck,
Elise Scheck Bonwitt and Adrienne Scheck

The Greater Miami Jewish Federation Women’s Department recently hosted the 2008 Federation/UJA Campaign Lion of Judah Luncheon at the Four Seasons Hotel Miami. With more than 300 women in attendance, this year’s event celebrated the 36th anniversary of the creation of the Lion of Judah program. In recognition of the occasion, the Miami-Dade County Commission declared November 1, 2007 as “Greater Miami Jewish Federation Lion of Judah Day.”

The Lion of Judah program was established in Miami in 1972 to recognize women’s philanthropy. Today, more than 14,000 women throughout North America, Israel and around the world proudly wear their Lion of Judah pins as a symbol of their commitment to the Federation/UJA Campaign. The Greater Miami Jewish Federation now raises more than $25 million annually to help Jews in need in Miami, in Israel and in 60 countries worldwide.

Luncheon Chairs were Oriana Azizollahoff, Marsha Gilbert, Amy Hollub and Dolores Wolf. Robyn C. Fisher is Women’s Department President and Mojdeh Khaghan Danial is Campaign Chair.

Marie Brenner, a best-selling author and an award-winning investigative journalist, was guest speaker at the Lion of Judah Luncheon.

Norma K. Wilson, Corey Feinsilver
and Denny Feinsilver

May Lipschutz, Gert Kartzmer, Ellie Ganz and
General Campaign Vice Chair for Major Gifts
Barbara Black Goldfarb

Ann Singer, Marlene Chavin and Lorraine Cooperman

Carole Berman, Judith Mann and Davideen Werner

Miriam Goldstein and Charlotte Brodie

Michelle Diener, Women’s Department Campaign Chair Mojdeh Khaghan Danial, Hedy Whitebook
and Rachel Sapoznik

Pat Fine and guest speaker
Marie Brenner

Lilliam Furst, Lisette Goldstein and Jennifer Olemberg celebrate the birthday of Nieves Olemberg (seated)

Susan Rolnick and Ruth Rosenberg

Rosi Behar and Clarita Kassin
Elaine Richman (center) and daughters
Elise van der Reis and Cathy Alcalay

Nina Plonka, Linda Stahl and Nancy Blitz

Patty Gordon, Erica Frank Neams
and Miriam Fisher

Mindy Wilner, Iris Hyman and Tati Katz

Chani Lipskar, Lisa Wolfe and Women’s Department Immediate Past President Lourdes Gittelman

Laura Koffsky, Wendy Koenigsberg
and Adrienne Messing

Patty Gordon, Lisa Segal and Judith Siegal

Diane Krieger, Daniela Zanzuri-Beiner and Fran Berrin, a Women's Department Past President

Shirley Lehman, General Campaign Chair
William Lehman, Jr. and Amy Lehman

Judy Adler (center) with daughters-in-law
Hinda Adler and Amanda Adler, both new Lions of Judah

Robyn C. Fisher, Federation Women’s Department President

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