Fifth Annual Limo to Lunch
Benefiting Florida Heart Research Institute
Joanna Barusch, Donna Huck, Amy Duepi, Trish Bell

Eileen Moss, Sheila Kuhl, Chelsea Watson

For the past four years, when you thought that Limo to Lunch, a Driven to Dine daytime event was the most unique and fun afternoon it got even better. Now in its fifth year, there was a new twist to the popular concept. In addition to restaurants, guests had a choice to opt for a lite lunch and a mini treatment at the Ritz-Key Biscayne spa.

The event started off in Neiman Marcus in the Bal Harbour Shops where guests enjoyed lite brunch bites and informal modeling on the second level of the store. This year there was an online auction. The chairwomen for Limo to Lunch were Raphael Bastian, Marilyn Cale and Lana DeSimone. The one-of-a-kind event, that combines great food, mystery and limo rides, continues with guests riding in limos to a restaurant for a delicious specially prepared meal. Guests don’t know which restaurant they will be going to until they arrive. That’s the mystery part of the day.

Guests who attended included: Barbara Weintraub, Marilyn Cale, Bunny Bastian, Raphael Bastian, Trish Bell, Pam Garrison, Remedios Diaz-Oliver, JoeAnn Batcheller, Dorothy St. Jean, Nancy Batchelor, Frances Sevila-Secasa, Mary Young, Lana DeSimone, Beth Ann & Tony Morgenthau, Sheila Kuhl, Alice Fisher, Shirlee Fernandez, Judy Sorota, Rhoda Shore, Elaine Boyarsky and Lois Sacks.

The restaurants and spa included: Bizcaya, Cascata Grill at Turnberry Isle Miami, City Hall, Fabien’s Bistro, Pilar, Rusty Pelican, The Grill on the Alley, The Ritz-Key Biscayne(SPA), The Trapiche Room, Timo Restaurant, Trump International, Truluck’s Steak and Seafood, Smith & Wollensky, Egg & Dart, Café Avanti, Rusty Pelican, and Fix at Blue Moon Hotel.

For more information on Limo to Lunch call Sallie Byrd at 305-674-3020 ext. 5823

Dorothy St. Jean and Lorna Heisler

Cindy Kimbrough, Marilyn Cale, Melissa Frantz

Lana DeSimone – Co-chair , Kathy DuCasse – CEO of Florida Heart Research Institute, Raphael Bastian – Co-Chair, Sallie Byrd - Sr. VP, FHRI, Marilyn Cale – Co-Chair.

Ceil Kroop, Joyce Landry, Barbara Weintraub, Maggie Elsea and Sunny McLean

Ceci Smith and Silvia Fortun

Alice Fisher, Rosy Cancela and Sallie Byrd

Lana DeSimone, Kathy DuCasse, Nanette Silva, Gotmar Giron of Neiman Marcus, Sallie Byrd, Raphael Bastian, Marilyn Cale

Lumari Mcanich and Carola Orieta

Barbara Weintraub’s Limo: Dr. Nancy Rierson, Judy Weiser, Joyce Landry, Maggie Elsea, Sunny McLean, Carol Russo, Ceil Kroop, Barbara Weintraub

Trish Bell’s Limo: Joann Trombino, Cristina Miranda, Trish Bell, Nancy Batchelor, Gabi Armstrong (not pictured, Pam Garrison)

JoeAnn Batcheller’s Limo: Elizabeth Whelan, Lourdes Vazquez, JoeAnn Batcheller, Jean Holley, Ginger Davis, Fran Bohnsack, Josie Parke, Mary Jean Mella, Alba Herzberg, Vibeke Harrington

Bunny Bastian’s Limo: Martha Velasquez, Judi Welsh, Helen Hinds, Donna Huck, Helen Briggle, Bunny Bastian, Mirella LaSalle, Lyn Lourie, Pee Wee Wallace

Raphael Bastian’s Limo: Amy Torre, Giovanna Mayer Bajandas, Cristal Cole, Camille Diaz, Patricia Cruz, Raphael Bastian, Vickey Lowell, Nacira Gomez, Patricia Custer, Jacqueline Lasarte

Alice Fisher’s Limo: Shirlee Fernandez, Jewel Figueras, Rosy Cancela, Alice Fisher, Rhoda Shore, Maria Rosa Lopez-Munoz, Elaine Boyarsky, Lois Sacks, Judy Sorota

Mario Fauret’s Limo: Isa Baez, Gul Moorjani, Julia Tirella, Virginia Taylor, Shirley Harris, Mario Fauret, Mayie Castro, Michael Alexander

Sheila Kuhl’s Limo: Leslie Smith, Sheila Kuhl, Chelsea Watson, Eileen Moss, Sandy Smith, Linda Blanton, Tony & Beth Ann Morgenthau

Lori Browning’s Limo: Lynn Berk, Jeannine Abblett, Lori Browning, Kathryn Keller, Suzanne Quesada, Kristine Blum, Gloria Wank

Remedios Diaz-Oliver Limo: Silvia Fortun, Jackie Diaz, Remedios Diaz-Oliver, Rosie M. Diaz, Patty Flores, Cristina Diaz Balart, Laura de Ona, Lourdes Sanchez, Lilliam Machado

Lana DeSimone’s Limo: Ana Maria Bernal, Duree M. Ross, Astrid Ehrenstein, Amy Deupi, Lana DeSimone, Lizette Martino Diaz, Irene Korge, Coco Palenque Torre, Kimberle Mitchell-Rasmussen, Ceci Slesnick, Rhea Mokund-Beck

Dorothy St. Jean’s Limo: Maurine Bagwell, Dorothy St. Jean, Ana Fournaris, Lorna Heisler, Nancy Lifter Wolin, Ann Goodman, Tammy Jamison, Mary Ann Danquillecourt

Deborah Wolf’s Limo: Ilene Zweig, Robyn Fisher, Lisa Heller Green, Beatriz Hicks, Deborah Wolf, Barbara Tomlinson, Diane Colon, Ophelia Bertran

Marilyn Cale’s Limo: Trish Saad, Joanna Barusch, Melissa Frantz, Lumari McCanich, Cindy Kimbrough, Marilyn Cale, Anita Sandler, Sofia Bull

Mary Young and Peggy Groves’ Limo: Peggy Groves, Betty Brody, Mary Young, Liz Parnes, Helen Duncan, Jane Herron, Rita Michel, Laura Reiss, Kathleen Murphy, Madlyn Sierra

Holly Woodbury and Friends’ Limo: Val Cureton, Victoria Hopta, Elizabeth Con Werne, Patricia Vila, Holly Woodbury, Linette Guerra, Carola Orieta, Maria Laura Sartini, Marisol Morales, Lorena Zicker

Ceci Smith’s Limo: Idi Menedez, Mari Alarcon, Angela Andrade, Ceci Smith, Susan Abraham, Joan Johnson, Karen Gonzalez (not pictured, Norene Smith)