Liga Contra el Cáncer 41st Anniversary Gala
Benefiting uninsured and low income patients
Benjamin Leon Jr. & Silvia Leon

Dr. Luis Villa, Jennifer Villa and David Villa

Liga Contra el Cáncer / League Against Cancer commemorated its 41st Anniversary by hosting its Snow Ball Gala at the JW Marriott-Marquis in Miami. They honored volunteer physicians for their outstanding and unselfish dedication to Liga’s cancer patients. With this event, Liga celebrated Leon Medical Center’s 20th anniversary of service to our community and the years of support to our patients. All proceeds from the events and auction will benefit uninsured and low income cancer patients unable to afford the treatment and get well.

The Gala counted with the presence of Dr. Luis Villa, President; Adriana Cora, Executive Vice-President of the League, and Manuel “Manny” Alfonso, Chairperson, who were excellent coordinators of the event.

The unforgettable evening brought together over 500 supporters who enjoyed a fantastic gala dinner accompanied with a good selection of wines, complemented with live music and the presence of Willy Chirinos. The remarkable auction of services to the cause raised over $100,000 to benefit patients with cancer.

Liga Contra el Cancer/ The League Against Cancer is a community based, nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization founded in 1975, and provides FREE medical care to needy cancer patients. League Against Cancer provides (FREE) from case review and social services for surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, laboratory services and radiology, medication, prosthetics, home nursing and nurses aid services, home medical equipment, transportation, hospice care, breast and PAP screening, psychological support, and moral support to patients and their families.

Liga Contra el Cancer/League Against Cancer will continue to deliver the care that cures cancer and alleviates pain, that saves lives and families, and that transforms despair into hope with the help of the community.

Tere Benach, Rick & Adriana Cora

Denise & Manny Alfonso

Aryl & Javier Argamasilla

Frank & Johana Sarria, Mercy & Richard Sarria

Bryan & Milta Sanmiguel, Valeria Guerra and Jay Hall

Fausto Diaz and Gladys Campos

Dr. Eneida Roldan and Dr. Carlos Valdes

Daniel & Cristina Ruiz Perez, Evelyn & Christian Ruiz

Bernie & Nena Macias

Jennifer & Javier Cervera

Benjamin Leon III & Lisa Leon, Benjamin Leon Jr. & Silvia Leon, Silvita & Albert Mauri

Hector and Mari Cataño

Dr. Osvaldo & Norma de la Pedraza, Anitza & Pedro Alvarez

Humberto Hernyez and Jamal Rubiro

Mayra L. & José Antonio Piña

Valentin Lopez, Cristina Conte, Cristina Facio, Fatima Gonzalez and Julio Truiana

Daryl & Marile Cancio Johnson

Nerf & Pedro J. Garcia

Javier Romero and Marcia Saavedra

Mayli Garcia Velez, Calixto Garcia Velez and Mary William Pujals

Jorge & Jacqueline Munilla, Madeline & Pedro Munilla

Pepe & Zayda Paz Hernyez

Arturo & Annie Hernyez

Roberto & Hilda Blanch

Heide & Jose Dans