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Michael Feinstein Dazzles Guests at Benefit Gala
benefits Legal Services

Alan & Wendy Ellison

Reuben Schneider, Renee Pollack, Esther Gordon Paulen and Jacques Paulen

Pepi & Edy Bertini and Edith & Robert F. Hudson

With Fisher Island’s breathtaking Vanderbilt Mansion as his backdrop, renowned entertainer Michael Feinstein, the iconic five-time Grammy-nominated song writer, pianist and singer, dazzled an exclusive audience with the music of Gershwin, Berlin, Porter, and more. Proceeds from the evening, underwritten by Robert Pinkert and The Pinkert Family Foundation, benefited Legal Services of Greater Miami, Inc., an organization that delivers free legal services to low-income individuals and families in South Florida.

Feinstein’s performance took attendees on a nostalgic trip through musicals from Broadway to Hollywood and to classic jazz standards as well. Dubbed ‘The Ambassador of the Great American Songbook,’ Feinstein has also performed at some of the world’s most prestigious venues, including Carnegie Hall, The White House, and Buckingham Palace.

The evening also featured Ana Maria Polo, the Emmy-nominated host of Spanish-language television’s most popular day-time program “Caso Cerrado,” who served as master of ceremonies.

The sold out crowd was welcomed by Corali Lopez-Castro, Kozyak, Tropin & Throckmorton, who serves as Co-Chair of LSGMI’s Together, We Must Campaign for Justice. “The current economic downturn has hit South Florida especially hard,” said Lopez-Castro. “The poorest families and individuals in our community are disproportionately affected, placing them at greater risk of losing jobs, housing, and access to healthcare. The need for free legal services has never been greater.”

Marcia K. Cypen, LSGMI executive director, was thrilled to have Feinstein support LSGMI’s mission through his performance. “What a magical evening. We are deeply grateful that Michael was willing to help support us through the use of his incredible talents.”

The evening was sponsored by The Ira J. Kaufman Family Foundation and Northern Trust Bank, and was co-sponsored by Hunton and Williams LLP, Pepi Bertini, Evensky and Katz, The Bluntzer Group, and Steinway Piano Galleries.

Proceeds from the event help supplement LSGMI’s present budget which is primarily from federal, state and local government sources. To learn more, visit www.lsgmi.org or mrabinowitz@lsgmi.org or call Marcia Rabinowitz at 305-438-2531.

Brad Hornbacher and Cori Lopez-Castro

Robert Pinkert and Garrett Biondo

Carol Crapple

Edith Osman and Garrett Biondo

Carl & Toni Randolph, Derek Jackson

Stanley & Gala Cohen

Frank & Judy Kreutzer

Mark Schnapp and Lily Ann Sanchez

Robyn Perlman and Steve Weil

June Kimmel

Gerry Shpiner, Jack McLuskey, Bruce Shpiner, Rabbi Robert Silverman, Ellen Silverman, Maria McDonald and Dave McDonald

Carl & Toni Randolph, Bob Pinkert

Michelle Fletcher, Larry Rivera, Barbara Hertzberg, Florence Stern

Marcia Cypen, Stanley & Marti Wakshlag

Pinkert Family Guest, Steven & Sherma Pinkert, Bob Pinkert, Ana Scott, Eli Hale

Steven Wisotsky and Marcia K. Cypen

Mey-Ling Perez, Northern Trust Bank

David & Flois Landau

Mr. & Mrs. Kalt, Elena & Chris Bluntzer

Michael Feinstein, Hazel & Larry Rosen

Michael Feinstein, Mr. and Mrs. Alan Trustman

Judge Mary Jo Francis and Michael Feinstein

Irwin Potash, Michael Feinstein, Linda Potash

Daniel Azouley, Dr. Robert Rosenblum, Michael Feinstein, Roz Rosenblum, Georgette Azouley

Effie Silva, ana Maria Polo (Telemundo) and Dolly Hernandez

Marcia Cypen, Michael Feinstein

Michael Feinstein performs

Carlos Canino, Marcia Cypen, Deborah Wolf and Fred Cuppy, Northern Trust Bank

Hilarie Bass, Marcia Cypen

Martin Shapiro, Marcia Cypen

Robert Pinkert

Diane Cruz, Northern Trust Bank, and Michael Feinstein

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