Jackson Memorial Foundation 2014 Golden Angels Gala
Fairy tale evening raises $2.5 million for hospital services and facilities
Roberta and Harvey Chaplin, Humanitarian Chairmen and Platinum Seraphim

Abel Holtz, past Chairman of the Board, Jackson Memorial Foundation and Fana Holtz, Gala Chairman, Naming Benefactors of Holtz Children’s Hospital and Grand Seraphim

Six hundred and fifty guests, including leaders from the business, civic, and philanthropy communities, attended the event at Ice Palace Studios, 59 NW 14th St. The ballroom was aglow with candle lights bouncing off mirrored centerpieces and guests waving glow-in-the dark wands or wearing colorful glow brackets and necklaces.

Among those in attendance were: Roberta and Harvey Chaplin, Humanitarian Chairmen, Fana and Abel Hotz, Janice and Alan Lipton, Remedios and Fausto Diaz-Oliver, Jackson Health System President/CEO Carlos A. Migoya and Lynn Westall, Jackson Memorial Foundation Board Chairman Carlos Lopez-Cantera and his wife Marta Ligia, Susan Pullin from GRAFF, Lydia and Rudy Prio-Touzet, Ken Gorin from the COLLECTION, David Pyle from West Coast University, Sookey and Robert Schwartz from Wells Fargo, Romero Britto, Shannon and Ray Allen, Jackson Memorial Foundation Interim President/CEO James Champion, Public Health Trust Chairman Darryl Sharpton and wife Bridgette, State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle, Dr. and Mrs. Pascal Goldschmidt, Dr. and Mrs., John Rock, Andria and Javier Holtz, Toni and Danny Holtz, Lauren Holtz, Ray Ellen and Allan Yarkin, Dr. Paul and Mrs. Chaplin, Terry and Fred Jove, Silvia Rios Fortun and Rigo Lesteiro, Nancy and Jon Batchelor, Irene and Manny Rodriguez, Maggie and Jorge Villacampa, Yolanda and Jeff Berkowitz, Brian Bilzin, Linda and Patrick McEnany, Dr. Shirley Press and her daughter, Sarah Rapoport of New York City, Dr. and Mrs. Rudy Moise, David Coulson and Jennie Etter, Vivian and Alan Dimond, Mike Caricarte, Ana and Cecil Milton, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Milton.

This year, the theme was “Meet Jack,” an entertaining way of presenting an historical perspective of Jackson Health System and a sneak preview of its future. The fun began when guests attended a cocktail reception set up to depict a railroad station in 1918, the year that Jackson Memorial Hospital began serving the Miami-Dade community.

After a train whistle blew several times, the curtains parted to reveal a ballroom featuring four “Jack” stations for appetizers, specialty drinks and live entertainment. A couple dressed like fairy tale characters bounced on a trampoline at the Jack and Jill station; an aerialist slithered along a rope at Jack and the Beanstalk; card sharks tried their luck at the Black Jack table; and entertainers dressed like ice figurines performed at the chilly Jack Frost station. Following appetizers, guests were served dinner.

Emmy-award winning news anchor Laurie Jennings of WPLG-TV was the master of ceremony for the evening. She made a grand entrance, escorted by Carlos Lopez-Cantera, chairman of the Jackson Memorial Foundation Board, and Carlos Migoya, president/CEO of Jackson Health System, after a humorous video of her traversing the four “Jack” stations. The band, Higher Ground, and DJ Troubles provided music that kept guests dancing throughout the night.

Philippa Carsley won the jackpot of the night - a 2014 Audi convertible donated by THE COLLECTION. South Florida firefighters were on hand to sell 85 raffle tickets at $1,000 each for a chance to win the luxury car.

Golden Angels Gala 2014 was planned by Chairmen Fana Holtz, Janice Lipton, and Remedios Diaz-Oliver, and Host Committee Co-Chairmen Janie Kupferman, Lydia Prio-Touzet and Susan Pullin.

The Golden Angels Gala is the signature event of Jackson Memorial Foundation that acknowledges its most generous donors, members of the Golden Angel Society. This year, the honorees were Harvey and Roberta Chaplin, Humanitarian Chairmen; Juan and Ophelia Roca, Honorary Chairmen; and Hope of a Miracle Foundation, Honorary Foundation Sponsor

Sponsors for Golden Angels Gala 2014 were: Ken Gorin and THE COLLECTION, Honorary Corporate Underwriter; West Coast University and Wells Fargo, Honorary Corporate Sponsors; Southern Wine & Spirits of America and Miami Herald, Corporate Sponsors; and Selecta magazine, Media Sponsor.

Jackson Memorial Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is the main source of private fundraising for Jackson Health System. The Foundation seeks support from donors to fund innovations, equipment, technology systems, renovations and new construction. Also, the Foundation is an advocate for Jackson Health System, promoting campaigns to improve its facilities. For more information, call 305-355-4999 or visit www.jmf.org.

Ophelia and Juan Roca, Honorary Chairmen and Silver Seraphim

Janice Lipton, Gala Chairman and Alan Lipton, Platinum Angels

Remedios Diaz-Oliver, Gala Chairman and Fausto Diaz-Oliver, Platinum Angels

Carlos Migoya, President and CEO of Jackson Health System, Platinum Angel and Lynn Westall

Carlos Lopez-Cantera, Chairman of the Board, Jackson Memorial Foundation and Marta Ligia Lopez-Cantera, Silver Seraphim

Darryl K. Sharpton, Chairman, Public health Trust and Bridget Sharpton

Philippa Carsley, raffle winner of the 2014 Audi A5 2.OT Cabriolet quattro Ken Gorin, President, THE COLLECTION, and Honorary Corporate Underwriter, Lauren Holtz, Laurie Jennings, Award winning WPLG TV News Anchor

Ray Allen, from the HEAT, Fana Holtz, Lauren Holtz, Abel Holtz, Shannon Allen.

James A. Champion, Interim President and CEO, Jackson Memorial Foundation, Platinum Angel and Marshell McAllister

Rigo Leisteiro and Silvia Fortun, Vice Chairman Jackson Memorial Foundation and Platinum Angel

Dr. Pascal Goldschmidt, Dean of the UM Miller School of Medicine and Emily Goldschmidt

Hope of a Miracle Foundation, Honorary Foundation Sponsor and Golden Seraphim

David Pyle, West Coast University, Honorary Corporate Sponsor and Golden Angel and Laura Buccellati

Moises Starosta Monica Chaplin, Dr. and Mrs. Paul Chaplin Roberta and Harvey Chaplin, Terry and Fred Jove

Bob Schwartz, Wells Fargo, Honorary Corporate Sponsor and Platinum Angel and Sookey Schwartz, Gala Committee member

Ron Kupferman and Janie Kupferman, Host Committee Chairman, Silver Seraphim

Michael Kurtz and Susan Pullin, GRAFF, Host Committee Co-Chairman, Golden Angel

Andria and Javier Holtz, Fana and Abel Holtz, Lauren Holtz, Daniel and Toni Holtz

Rudy Prio-Touzet and Lydia Prio-Touzet, Host Committee Co-Chairman

Marvin and Phillipa Carsley, Platinum Angels