Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU’s Purim Pairings 2016
An Event to Be Savored!
Elliot Stone, Judy & Jordan Bittel, and Senator Richard Stone

To celebrate Purim this year, the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU (JMOF-FIU) hosted Purim Pairings—a food and wine dinner featuring a four-course, kosher meal led by FIU alumnus Chef Allen Susser, created and prepared by local celebrity chefs: Dewey LoSasso, culinary director of Schnebly Winery and Miami Brewing Co. in Homestead; Danny Serfer, owner and executive chef at Blue Collar and Mignonette in Miami; Sean Brasel, executive chef and part owner of Meat Market; and Zak Stern, owner and head baker at Zak the Baker (ZTB). Under Susser’s direction each chef created and prepared a course of the meal on stage. Guests watched the preparation of each course, which was paired with a kosher wine courtesy of the Herzog Family of Wines, selected by local wine merchant Mike Bittel of Sunset Corners. The courses and wine pairings were explained and detailed by co-host, Linda Gassenheimer, host of "Topical Currents" on WLRN. Upper level sponsors also had the opportunity to make an appearance on stage as a “sous chef” for each course!

JMOF-FIU would like to thank the sponsors for Purim Pairings 2016: Applebaum Foundation; Elliot Stone & Bonnie Sockel-Stone; Ellie & Harold Aibel; Barbara & Kenneth Bloom/Norman & Sylvia Levine; Florida International University and the FIU Foundation, Inc.; Honey & Ira Giller; Purim Partners Merle & Danny Weiss; Morrison Brown Argiz & Farra, LLC; and the Gouraige/Kaplan/Ravinet Team at UBS Financial Services.

For additional JMOF-FIU sponsorship opportunities, please contact JMOF-FIU Development Director Susan Gladstone at 786.972.3162 or

Leonard & Jill Bloom, Karla Scott, and Kenneth & Barbara Bloom

Ellie Aibel, Rene Gross, and Fran Gaynor

Event Sponsors UBS Financial Services: Michelle Philippe, Michaelangelo Dooley, Beatriz Ruiz, and Claudio Ravinet

Co-Host Linda Gassenheimer, Chef Sean Brasel, and Chef Allen Susser

Chef Allen Susser & Eduardo Vega of UBS Financial Services

Senator Gwen Margolis and Betsy Kaplan

Plaza Health Network’s Elaine Bloom, Dr. Ann-Lynn Denker, Jillian & David Galbut with JMOF-FIU Executive Director Jo Ann Arnowitz (center)

Jonathan Macy and Candice Gidney

Ira & Honey Giller

Dror and Miriam Zadok

Dr. Paul Drucker and David Schaecter

Daniel Weiss, Gabriela Telepman, Jaclyn Soria, and Merle Weiss

Jane & Bart Shallat and Jenifer Rosenberg

Elaine Bloom (center) with Sylvia & Norman Levine

Ellie Ganz, FIU Professor Tudor Parfitt, Sara Solomon, and Hal & Linda Gassenheimer

Larry & Esther Apple, and Gary Simon

Leonard & Susan Jay, Stephen & Judy Fain, and Steve Schwartz

Jeffrey and Marsha Gilbert

Teresa Leugers and JMOF-FIU Marketing & Program Director Gita Shonek

Jo Ann Arnowitz, JMOF-FIU Development Director Susan Gladstone, Linda Gassenheimer, Chef Allen Susser, and JMOF-FIU Membership Director Nancy Cohen

Zak the Baker’s Hamentaschen Dessert

Patty Taxman Craven and Isabel Bernfeld Anderson

Ruthie and Rudy Schwartz

Festive Dining Room

Leonard Bloom, Kenneth Bloom, Gary Simon, and Deborah & Russell Silverman

JMOF-FIU Staff: Store Manager Eva Shvedova, Administrative Coordinator Roberta Gordon, Museum Educator Chaim Lieberperson, Volunteer Claire Warren, and Store Assistant Inge Gatto

Chefs Dewey LoSasso, Allen Susser and Danny Serfer

Scott & Suzy Wagner and Perry & Alison Greenfield

Fran & Leslie Gross, Wendy Traurig Perlin, and Esther & Larry Apple