31st Annual Informed Families Dinner at Joe’s Stone Crab
“Generations” Celebrated At Annual Event, Co-Chaired By Batchelor Family
President & CEO Peggy Sapp with co-chairs Jon Batchelor, Jr. & wife Anna and Nancy & Jon Batchelor

Steve & Aimee Owens, Melissa Shuffield and Ron Shuffield of EWM International Christie's International Real Estate

Generations of drug prevention supporters and Joe’s Stone Crab enthusiasts united to celebrate Informed Families/The Florida Family Partnership’s 31st Annual Dinner at Joe’s Stone Crab. Following the generations theme, the illustrious event was co-chaired by generous philanthropists Nancy & Jon Batchelor and Anna & Jon Batchelor, Jr. Close to $200,000 was raised to support Informed Families’ statewide prevention programs and initiatives designed to help kids grow up safe, healthy and drug free.

Over 400 guests attended the dinner, which included a fabulous pre-dinner social and Joe’s signature stone crabs, coleslaw, hash browns, key lime pie and legendary service.

“Each year, we benefit from an outpouring of generosity from families who care about helping kids grow up safe, healthy and drug free,” said Informed Families/The Florida Family Partnership President & CEO Peggy Sapp. “As a founder of the organization, it’s inspiring to see many of our supporters passing down the prevention message to the next generation. This year, we honored those families.”

Aside from Informed Families, the big winner of the night was Steve Calderon, who won the grand raffle prize: dinner for 20 guests at Joe’s Stone Crab restaurant.

Informed Families thanks the following event sponsors: Diamond Claw Sponsors: Peter L. Bermont, Richard B. Bermont, Adam E. Carlin, Michael D. Gold, EWM Realty International/Christie’s International Real Estate and Health Foundation of South Florida; Pearl Claw Sponsors: Nancy Batchelor Team and Gulliver Schools; Sapphire Claw Sponsors: Avison Young, Dale Carnegie Training, Butch Davis, Ginger Mead and Podhurst Orseck; Valet Sponsor: Coral Gables Trust Company; Silver Claw Sponsors: Betty B. Chapman, Dale Chapman Webb, Kristy Webb Figueras, Codina Partners, Fowler White Burnett, P.A., The Garner Family Foundation, Goldsmith Family Foundation, Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen, JMH Development, Robert M. Levy & Associates, Markham & Stein, Police Officer Assistance Trust, Dr. Andrea Heuson-Sharp & Dr. Greg Sharp, Dr. Linda Neider & Dr. Paul Sugrue, Rick & Margarita Tonkinson and TUUCI.

Informed Families would also like to thank generous supporters Baptist Health South Florida and Florida Blue.

Click here for more information about the event and a complete list of event sponsors.

Nicholas Segal, Eloise Carroll, Dr. Stephen Nimer, Adam E. Carlin, Georgia Nimer, Richard B. Bermont, Anne M. Levy and Etti Koeppel

Rick & Maria Lavina, Mona & Dick Adams of Health Foundation of South Florida

Kerrin & Peter Bermont, Donna Huck

Pete Garcia, Rebeka Oliveria, Drew Davis, Betty Amos, Alina & Coral Gables Police Chief Ed Hudak, Jr., Tammy & Butch Davis

Penny Shaffer of Florida Blue, David Efron, State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle

Jack Lowell, Ford Gibson, Jim Davidson of Coral Gables Trust

Informed Families Board Members: (back) Past Chairman John Hofmann, Mary Eaton, Chairman Neca Logan, Maria Baluja, Eugene Lindsey, (front) Debbie Montilla, President & CEO Peggy Sapp, Patty Dee, David Vittoria and guest Dr. John Eustace of the South Miami Hospital Addiction Treatment & Recovery Center

Gulliver Schools table: Andi Fuentes, Georgina Earle, Nila Depalo, Elizabeth Chaviano, Priscilla Delgado, Jose Bermudez, Steven Rebollar, Daniel Alonso

Former Chairman Michael Fay of Avison Young & wife Paula, Marabel & Charlie Morgan

Mona Adams with Jose Diaz of Robert M. Levy & Associates

Tom Neal, Cathy Hamill, Ed Joyce, Jackie Baglio, Ginger Mead, Chris Joyce, Kent Hamill, Vivianne Neal

Podhurst Orseck table: Dan Calabrese, Carole Curran-Calabrese, Dorothy Podhurst, Joel Eaton, Aaron Podhurst, Caryn Prieto, Peter Prieto, Mary Eaton

Coral Gables Police Chief Ed Hudak, Jr. & wife Alina, Margarita & Armando Codina of Codina Partners

Margarita & Rick Tonkinson, Julia Beckham

Kristy Webb Figueras, Ana Vasquez, Brey Webb, Addison Webb, Debbie Webb, Rick Hermida, Aurora Hermida, Aurora Hermida, Dale Chapman Webb, Dick Masten

Fowler White Burnett table: Jessie Gilley, Michael Drahos, J. Robert & Karen Kirk, James DeChurch, Chris Knight, George Koonce, III, Christie Walker

Peggy Sapp, Former Chairman Chico Goldsmith & wife Cindy of the Goldsmith Family Foundation

Gina & Carl St. Phillip, Sara & Markham Cronin of Markham & Stein Unlimited.

TUUCI table: Fred Hernandez, Erika Canales, Stacey Jameson, Alex Ruiz, Tom Parker, Tammy Lenham, Charles Munroe, Vanessa Cendan

Dr. Paul Sugrue, Ed Russell, Marlene Zarraga, Dr. Andrea Heuson-Sharp, Dr. Greg Sharp, Manny Zarraga, Janice Russell, Dr. Linda Neider

Mark Miland, Jeff & Patty Cohen of JMH Development, Karla & Scott Richey of Northern Trust

Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen table: Dr. Charles Kalstone, Ferne Kalstone, Karyn Grossman, Rachel Furst, Joe Furst, Stuart Grossman, Larry Gettis, Dr. Ray Lopez

Armory Bodin, Meg Wright of the Garner Family Foundation, Carrie Bodin, Jeff Wright

Addy Villanueva and Jonathan Dweck of the Police Officer Assistance Trust

Robert Thomas, Annie R. Neasman, Dr. Angel Lightfoot, Irene Taylor-Wooten, Thamara Labrousse, Sherwood DuBose, Informed Families Director of Community Relations David Williams, Jr.

Tatiana Martin, Melissa Beckham, Yasmin Solis

Carolyn Batchelor, Zach Plevnik, Alex Leary

Franz Watt, Ariel Manso, Natasha & Jack Lowell, Marilyn & Ronald Kohn, Juan Gonzales, Carlos Pereda

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Jason Bloch, Miami Shores Mayor Alice Burch, Richard Sarafan, Dan Sarafan

Sherri & Doug Bartel of Florida Blue

Dr. William W. Culbertson, Audrey Ross, Karissa Grasty, Pam Garrison, Steve & Mary Lynch, Deborah & Manuel Montilla

Tom & Sue Ryan, Susan & Robin Shelley of the Goldsmith Family Foundation

Eddy & Lely Barea