Hollub Homes 60th Anniversary Affair
Celebrating a 60-year tradition of building exceptional homes, Hollub Homes kicked off the anniversary alongside the unveiling of its recently completed residence at 10101 Lakeside Drive within Snapper Creek Lakes.

Guests enjoyed an evening of art, home designs and custom furnishings, expertly crafted by Helene Hollub in conjunction with Armani Casa, B Pila, Kelly Marie Interior Design, and Alicia Weaver Design. Locust Projects and Roberto Gomez provided the evening’s art installation.

Hollub Homes, the legendary homebuilder and two-time Best of Show winner, is responsible for building many of the outstanding custom homes and communities throughout South Florida. The Hollub legacy began in 1954, the year Marvin Hollub built his first home in what is now the Village of Pinecrest. He sold that home for $19,000, when acre lots were approximately $4,000. Now serving as the firm’s advisor, Marvin’s son Harry and daughter Helene continue the Hollub legacy with fabulous construction and design prowess.

For additional information about the home, contact Amy Hollub at 305-305-0813, or Amy@HollubHomes.com. Avatar Real Estate Services exclusively represents Hollub Homes’ properties.

Helene Hollub and Michael Scrocca

Harry and Amy Hollub

Helen Stephan and Suzy Sayfie

Paola Zapata and Justin Mayerchak

Mike Peterson, Carolyn Rossinsky, Frank Wohlfahrt, Jesse Stolow

Helene Hollub and Aaron Hollub

Amanda Sanfilippo, Roberto Gomez

Chad Anderson, Shayna Hollub

Patricia Salamin, Terrah Baldwin

Cristiano and Paola Córdoba

Monica and Blaire Rechen

Bea Pila and Alice Alvarez

Roberto Gomez

Marvin and Mimi Hollub

Sonia Gibson, Lucrezia di Persia

Amy Hollub, Jackie Green