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Go Red for Women Soiree
Destination to Your Personal Wellness

Primp Salon & Hair Extension Boutique: Joy Castroverde, Missy Ewart, Jonathan Babicka - Owner, Jessi Figueroa, Alexis Garcia

Darleen Hutchins, George Pilibosian of ProperForm, Lisa Pacin, Aslynn Rivera, Erin Glass

The American Heart Association held its Go Red for Women Soiree: Destination to Your Personal Wellness, educating and empowering women across Miami with tools and information about heart disease and its prevention. The celebration took place at Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach.

As guests embarked on their journey, they enjoyed heart-healthy hors doeuvres and beverages, relaxing massages provided by Canyon Ranch Miami Beach Hotel and Spa, lipstick touch ups and makeup consultation, provided by Estee Lauder from Macys Aventura, and some women even left with bright red hair extensions, thanks to Primp Salon and Hair Extension Boutique. Three 20 minute destinations offered tips and techniques on heart care and well-being. Topics included Cooking for your Heart, More Yoga, Less Stress, and Conversations about the Heart, which was presented by Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute.

Featured guests of the Go Red For Women Celebration were Go Red For Women national spokespersons Gloria Boisvert and Andrea Wongsam. Boisvert, of Orlando, is an athlete and former soldier who underwent emergency coronary artery bypass surgery at just 37-years-old. Wongsam, suffered a heart attack at age 35 when she was 13 weeks pregnant. Both women shared their stories of survival and inspiration.

Macys and Merck & Co, Inc. are the national presenting sponsors of the Go Red For Women campaign. Local sponsors of the Miami Destination to Your Personal Wellness Celebration included Piaget, Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute, AvMed, Primp Salon and Hair Extension Boutique, Caregiver Services Incorporated, Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa, and Comcast.

Gloria Boisvert - Go Red For Women National Spokeswoman of Florida, Chad Buschell - AHA Senior Development Director, Brooke Gonzalez - AHA Events Director

Sonya Haffey, Arelys Aleman, Hayling Gonzalez, Daisy Lewis, Danielle Fleck

Brian Long, Simon Herbert, Paula Herbert - Mrs. New Zealand World, Fashion Designer Clif Loftin, Todd Corder

Kristie Kjeldgaard - AHA Miami Vice President,
Jeremy Beauchamp - AHA SVP of South Florida,
Ruth Hamilton - Macy’s Cause Marketing Manager

Piaget Bal Harbour: Lauren Duffy, Pablo Lafforgue,
Isabell Sautreau

Estee Lauder Make up Artists of Macy’s Aventura with AHA Volunteer

Maricela Llamas of AvMed Health Plans with AvMed representatives

Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute: Lydia Bearham, Anne Smith, Susan D'Agostino, R.N., Ann de Velasco, R.N., with AHA Volunteer

Ana Maria Rodriguez of Baptist Health South Florida, NiFlame Barrett of Estee Lauder at Macy's Aventura

Jeanette Auer, Hector Galarce of AvMed Health Plans

Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute: Ann de Velasco, R.N., Susan D’Agostino, R.N.

Canyon Ranch & Spa presents
"More Yoga, Less Stress"
With instructor Sadhu

Welcome to 2010 Go Red For Women Soiree: Destination to Your Personal Wellness

Go Red For Women Soiree guests from AvMed Health Plans

American Heart Association staff:
Laura Denoux and Kathy Nunez

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