Holocaust Memorial Launches “Zachor Society”
Zachor Society Event hosts Jimmy & Lidia Resnick

Lisa & Charles Treister,
Federation Board Chair Brian L. Bilzin and Sidney M. Pertnoy

Sarita Resnick; Norman Braman, Holocaust Memorial Founding Chair and a Federation Past President; Holocaust Memorial Chair Andrew C. Hall and Jimmy Resnick

As another symbol of the local community’s commitment to the preservation of the Holocaust Memorial of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, 15 individuals and/or private foundations have become charter members of the Memorial’s “Zachor Society.”

“Zachor” means to “remember,” and the Society will help to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive through support of the Memorial – adding to the funding the Memorial already receives from the Annual Greater Miami Jewish Federation/UJA Campaign.

The launch of the Zachor Society took place recently at the home of Lidia and Jimmy Resnick. Jimmy’s late father, Abe Resnick, was one of the founders of the Holocaust Memorial. The event, chaired by Charles Treister, featured remarks by Norman Braman, Founding Chairman of the Memorial, and Kenneth Treister, FAIA, Memorial sculptor. Andrew Koffsky, a recent March of the Living participant, shared his experiences visiting sites of the Holocaust.

Each year, more than 100,000 people visit the Memorial to participate in its programs and learn about the Holocaust. In addition to providing a serene venue for survivors to pay tribute to their loved ones, the Holocaust Memorial emphasizes education by opening its doors to thousands of schoolchildren annually and by hosting seminars for teachers. Also offered are outreach programs for college students and their professors; a speakers bureau; and free community-wide programs in observance of Holocaust Education Week, Kristallnacht (The Night of Broken Glass) and Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day).

There is no charge to visit the Holocaust Memorial or attend its programs. The Memorial is maintained through the generous support of members of the community.

Andrew C. Hall is the Chair of the Holocaust Memorial and Rabbi Solomon Schiff is the Immediate Past Chair. Brian L. Bilzin is the Board Chair of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation and Barbara Black Goldfarb is the Immediate Past Board Chair.

Those who are interested in learning more about the Holocaust Memorial and its programs may contact Sharon Horowitz, Director, at 305-538-1663 or info@holocaustmmb.org. Individuals interested in the Zachor Society may contact Simon S. Kaminetsky, Director of Philanthropic Initiatives at the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, at 786-866-8453.

Holocaust Memorial sculptor Kenneth Treister and Federation Past Presidents Aaron S. Podhurst and Harry B. Smith

Barbara Black Goldfarb, Federation Immediate Past Board Chair; Brian L. Bilzin; Ezra Katz, a Federation Past President; and Tati Katz

Federation General Campaign Chair Robert G. Berrin and Jimmy Resnick

Irma Braman, Helyne Treister, Nancy Lipoff and Gloria Scharlin

David M. Scharlin, Lisa Treister, Laura P. Koffsky and
Amy Scharlin

Allan Yarkin; Charles Treister and Norman H. Lipoff, a Federation Past President

Emily Koffsky, Dorothy Podhurst, March of the Living participant and speaker Andrew Koffsky,
and Aaron S. Podhurst

M. Ronald Krongold, Federation President and Chief Executive Officer Jacob Solomon, and Andrew C. Hall

Elizabeth & Marcos Morjain and Jimmy Resnick

Kenneth Treister and Norman Braman addressing the
Zachor Society

David Schaecter, a founder of the Holocaust Memorial

Kenneth & Helyne Treister, Shirley Schiff and Rabbi Solomon Schiff, Immediate Past Chair of the Holocaust Memorial