34th Annual Dinner at Joe's Stone Crab
Informed Families Raises Funds to Help Kids Grow Up Safe, Healthy & Drug Free
Commissioner Sally Heyman
and Adolfo Henriques

Peggy Sapp, Pam Giganti Bunge
and Alfred Bunge

Informed Families/The Florida Family Partnership hosted its 34th Annual Dinner at Joe's. The event, chaired by Donna Abood and Michael Fay of Avison Young, raised $250,000 to support Informed Families' statewide prevention campaigns designed to help kids grow up safe, healthy and drug free.

Close to 400 guests attended the event, including: Alfred & Pam Giganti Bunge, Nancy & Jon Batchelor, Peter & Kerrin Bermont, Al Cardenas, Armando & Maggie Codina, Susan & Jim Carr, Butch & Tammy Davis, Mary & Joel Eaton, The Honorable Norma & Eugene Lindsey, Ginger Mead, Dorothy & Aaron Podhurst, and Scott and Karla C. Richey.

Commissioner Sally Heyman volunteered as the lead maitre d' at the dinner, and Kathy Fernandez Rundle drew the raffle ticket for a fabulous dinner for 20 at Joe's won by Donna & Gordon Fales. Long time attendees Charlie and Marabel Morgan always have the most interesting guests at their table. This year, their guests included Coach Mike Rumph, Jonathan Vilma, Sean Clancy, Dina Cellini, Ross Sawitz, and Steve Sawitz.

"We are so thankful to the individuals that support Informed Families by attending our Dinner at Joe's, especially those that have been joining us at Joe's since the start," said Peggy Sapp, President & CEO. "Their generosity has allowed us to offer powerful prevention programs and initiatives designed to help kids grow up drug free."

Informed Families thanks the following generous event sponsors:

Sapphire Claw Sponsor: Baptist Health South Florida

Emerald Claw Sponsors: Peter and Kerrin Bermont, Coral Gables Trust Company

Jumbo Claw Sponsors: Avison Young, Bermont/Carlin Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley, Butch & Tammy Davis, Chad Moss, Codina Partners, EWM Realty International, Ginger Mead, The Youth Fair

For a complete list of sponsors click here.

Al Cardenas and Sophia & Sonny Holtzmann

John Hofmann, Jeffrey Taraboulos and Joe Natoli

Dan Calabrese, Carole Curran Calabrese and Joel & Mary Eaton

Standing: Donna Huck, Karyn & Stuart Grossman;
Seated: Honorable Paul Huck, Kerrin & Peter Bermont

Daniel Janecek, Sonia Laguardia, Rita Jones
and Arturo De La Vega

Standing: Masoud & Stephanie Shojaee, Donna Abood, Alex & Katrina Vargas;
Seated: Joe Abood, Billy Fay, Michael & Paula Fay

Aaron Podhurst and Severin Braun

Ellen Oppenheimer and Robert & Susan Shelley

Deborah Brownell, Pam Garrison, Nancy & Jon Batchelor

Eugene & the Honorable Norma Lindsey,
Erica English and Michael Katz

Marlene de Zarraga, Dr. Andrea Heuson-Sharp and Dr. Linda Neider

Armando & Margarita Codina, Errico & Patrizia Aurichio, Albert & Klarise Claramonte, Susan & Jim Carr

Adolfo Henriques and Peter Bermont

State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle,
Peggy Sapp, Donna Abood and Michael Fay

Standing: Chad Moss, Butch Davis, Carl Huddle, Drew Davis and Todd Battaglia;
Seated: Lina Marcini, Tammy Davis, Kim Huddle, Nicole Fazio and Angie Battaglia

State Representative Ana Maria Rodriguez,
State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle
and Coach Butch Davis

Jeff & Charlotte Hicks, Charles Munroe
and Allison O'Keefe

Helen & John Witty, Cathy Hamill, Ginger Mead, Kent Hamill, Alioska Alonso, Joy & Chip Hobbs

Jessi Berrin and Ron & Anita Shuffield

Karla & Scott Richey

Dina Cellini, Mike Rumph, Jonathan Vilma, Sean Clancy, Steve & Ross Sawitz, Charles & Marabel Morgan

Helen & John Witty and Cathy & Kent Hamill

Jim & Deborah Davidson, Richard DeNapoli
and Shea Donohue

Phyllis Oeters, Joe Natoli, State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle and Sophia Holtzmann