10th Annual Womenade ‘Take A Walk In Her Shoes’ Fashion Show
Katherine Fernandez Rundle honored as the 2019 Trish Bell Lifetime Achievement Award recipient
Samantha Noriega, Darlene Medina,
Janet Lorenzo Garcia, Janet Medina, Dominique Medina and Cecilia Medina

Chapman Partnership’s Annual Take A Walk in Her Shoes fashion show and luncheon returned for the 10th year, in celebration of Miami’s top women philanthropists and community leaders. The event organized by Womenade, a group of women who are dedicated to increasing awareness and volunteerism for Chapman Partnership, at the Intercontinental Miami. The theme, ‘Then and Now’, celebrated a decade of this amazing event that honors the city’s most influential women.

Trish and Dan Bell were the Honorary Chairs. Together with the Event Chairs Brigid Cech Samole, Bronwyn Miller and Migna Sanchez-Llorens, and the Take a Walk in Her Shoes Committee, the event attracted close to 500 guests and celebrated the work of those who have made an impact and left their footprint on the South Florida Community. The 2019 Trish Bell Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Miami-Dade County State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle for her exceptional commitment and contributions to the South Florida community.

“We were excited to have recognized Katherine Fernandez Rundle for her passion and dedication to making our community a safer place to live, work and raise families," said Symeria T. Hudson, President and CEO of Chapman Partnership. “As an outstanding community philanthropist, someone who has been involved with us throughout the years and a past Take a Walk honoree, she is an extraordinary addition to our program.”

WPLG TV personality, Nicole Perez, served as the Mistress of Ceremonies and introduced the 2019 Take a Walk in Her Shoes honorees and women of the moment: Maria Carvalho, Bonnie Crabtree, Lourdes Lopez, Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, Claudia Puig, Jennifer Montoya, Jenny Starr Perez and Michelle Suskauer.

Every year, Chapman Partnership’s Take a Walk in Her Shoes fashion show and luncheon is an opportunity to experience fashion history with stylish looks from vintage designer brands of the past decades while honoring outstanding South Florida women, and raising awareness to help our residents toward self-sufficiency. The fashion show, directed by Danny Santiago, features vintage designs combined with one-of-a-kind looks from Simonett and the iconic Mayda Cisnernos. Hair styling and design was provided by Danny Jelaca.

2019 Honoree Group Shot
Jennifer Montoya, Bonnie Crabtree, Lourdes Lopez, Maria Carvalho, Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, Jenny Starr-Perez, Michelle Suskauer, Claudia Puig, Symeria T. Hudson, Brigid Cech Samole and Nicole Perez

Dan & Trish Bell and Jose Sariego

Mayda Cisneros on Runway

Symeria T. Hudson, Katherine Fernandez Rundle and Trish Bell

Lourdes Araujo, Lourdes Tudela, Jennifer Montoya, Ana Trejos,
Silvia Trinidad and Friend

Carol Iacovelli, Candise Shanbron

Angela Carlton, Jenny Starr Perez and Christie Galeano

Katherine Fernandez Rundle

Neda Gomeshi, Louise Harms, Isabel Fine, Susan Rutrough, Lynette Lorenzen, Elizabeth Baker, Anyelin Mesa

Maria Carvalho and Bronwyn Miller

Danny Jelaca and Lourdes Lopez

Blair Sonville, Lani Kahn Drody, Elizabeth Schaul and friend

Anna Ruiz, Olga Miljko, & Natasha St. Cyr

Tatiana Arteaga-Teo, Mayra Cisneros, Anna Ruiz, Angeles Almuna, Gabriela Medina, Olga Miljko
and Ariel Penzer Milgroom

Mayra Cisneros & Danny Santiago

Peter Pruitt speaking

Patricia Fuller, Yesenia Perkins, Mia Gonzalez Llorens, Migna Sanchez-Llorens, Mayra Cisneros and friend

Migna Sanchez-Llorens, Michelle Suskauer, Scott Dimond, Bronwyn Miller

David Efron & Katherine Fernandez Rundle

Tina van der Ven, Ariel Penzer Milgroom and friend

Carrie Bodin, Alysse Fisher, Migna Sanchez-Llorens and Truth Fisher

Anna Ruiz, Adrienne Fleming, Dianna Corpus and Olga Miljko

Jullian Posner, Linda Levy Goldberg, Jessica Anderson, Patricia Fuller and Shelby Goldberg

Jennifer Montoya, Chary Rico-Toro, Ana Trejos

Christine Galliano, Katrina Campins, Deborah Davidson, Lauren Davidson

Adrienne Fleming, Elysze Held and Dianna Corpus

Miriam Salazar, Neyda Raola, Judy Rosenblum

Lourdes Lopez, Migna Sanchez-Llorens, Mia Sanchez-Llorens, Kristi Jernigan

Bronwyn Miller, Trish Bell, Migna Sanchez-Llorens, Brigid Cech Samole

Laura Buccellati, Katherine Rubino and
Susannah Shubin

Amber Taylor, Valerie Evenson, Lauren Millsaps and Brooke Baker