A Miami Tradition for Nearly Four Decades
Care Resource Celebrates The White Party at The Historic Villa Vizcaya and Gardens with Elegance, Reflection and Progress
Fashion Model and Activist Lauren Foster
with friends

The White Party, held at The Historic Villa Vizcaya and Gardens, was a monumental event dedicated to HIV/AIDS education, healthcare and fundraising, filled with music, productions, talent so much more.

This elegant affair celebrated our community and the remarkable advancements of Care Resource; a not-for-profit community-based healthcare organization serving South Florida’s diverse community and the health center’s renewed commitment to eradicate HIV for a common goal of living – AIDS free.

Thank you to all the attendees, amazing Community Partners, volunteers and staff that made the event possible including Miami-Dade County Government, City of Miami Beach Government, Bacardi, Jake Resnicow, Gilead Sciences, Atlantic Broadband, Iheart Radio, Walgreens, Roho Kitchen, South Beach Group Hotels, Vizion Productions, Hotspots Magazine, Mark's List, MiamiPsych Concierge, Perry Ellis, AMBIENTE Magazine | Revista, Creativas Group Public Relations , Branding and Events, Wire Magazine, TheAnchorStudy.org, Healthy Magazine, SunnySpot Celebrations, Delta/AeroMexico, US Storage Centers, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, Chris Deejay Smeejay Hodgson, Kimberly Davis, Shawn Palacious, Ana Quincoces, RichieSkye, Kyle Kier, Michael Silas, Fl Nisi, Alan T, Athena Dion, Tiffany T Fantasia, Danilo De La Torre, our guests and supporters!

Marcos Rivero and his troupe of performers

Victor Zepka, George Castrataro and guests

George Kress and Jason Willman

Fashion judges Richie Skye, Ana Quincoces, Athena Dion and Flavio Nisi

Alex Barros, Kimberly Davis and Ozzie Munoz

Samantha and Robert Dugger of Unity Coalition

Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Gongora and Mayor of Fort Lauderdale Dean Trantalis and friends

Newscaster Craig Stevens and Guest

Deejay Smeejay and Jane Castro

Bill Ritzi and Guest

Hudes Desrameaux, Ron Ledain and guests

Tony Lima, Raul Griffith and Yonel Galano

Roger Roa, Shawn Palacious and Guest

Hall of Fame recipients Jorge Suarez and William Mattison

Roger Lords, Giorgio Miranda and Dale Stine

Danny Falcon and Guest

White Wear Fashion Award Winners

Chad Michaels and Guest

Liza Santana, Gabriel Piñeres and Lazaro Vigoa

Ben, Lyman Milancita Lords, Bruce Horwich

Susan Hotujec and her partner Michelle

Maia Mediaville receiving award from Atlantic Broadband

Jonathan Welsh and Care Resource Board Members

Luiz Rodriguez and Guest

Johan Khiski and Kimberly Davis

Tiffany Fantasia and Guest

Herb Sosa and John Buckley

Dr. Steven Santiago and Wendy Kays

Kimberly Davis Performance