Doctors Hospital and Baptist Health Foundation Wrap Gala Season With “ThunderBall”

Doctors Hospital ThunderBall co-chairs Dr. José and Mirtha Dávila, Raul and Martha Valdes-Fauli, George and Elizabeth Kakouris, Nelson Lazo, CEO, Doctors Hospital, and Olga Lazo

Casino Royale Supporting Sponsors Ana Viciana, M.D., of Aurora Diagnostics/Mark & Kambour Pathology, and José Dávila, M.D., of Doctors Anesthesia Associates

Baptist Health South Florida’s Doctors Hospital and Baptist Health Foundation rounded out this year’s gala season with a “thunderous” celebration. More than 700 philanthropically-minded guests attended the “ThunderBall” gala, amidst dancers, décor and a zip-lining stuntman reflective of the James Bond series of films. Highlighting the evening was a performance by international recording artist Sheena Easton, whose multiple chart-topping hits include the Bond theme, “For Your Eyes Only.”

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Chairman of the Board of Trustees Reverend William White with Lisa White

Front row: Tim Powers, Elsa Figueredo, Nelson Lazo, Olga Lazo, Charlie Turano and Kristen Fox of the Florida Panthers; back row: Randy Moller, Jim Willits, Charlie Turano, Jr. and Samuel Sortisio

Casino Royale Supporting Sponsors: Stephen Nygard, M.D., Cristina Nygard, Joseph Abinader, M.D., Gloria Abinader, Victor Campbell, Patricia Kline, CRNA, Stacey Ruiz, Jorge Ruiz, M.D., José Dávila, M.D., Mirtha Dávila, Lipsy Maza, Jorge Maza, M.D., of Doctors Anesthesia Associates

Christy Cartaya and Jose Yunen of Exclusive Automobile Sponsor The Collection/Porsche

George Foyo, executive vice president and chief administrative officer, Baptist Health, and Luisa Foyo

Abby Portuondo with Jose Portuondo, M.D., medical director of ER Stat Inc., a Quantum of Solace Supporting Sponsor

Standing: Ryan Weber of The Americas Group, Robert Bruno, Frank Amigo; seated: Pascale Lemke with Kris Lemke and José Cabrera, of The Americas Group, a Quantum of Solace Supporting Sponsor

Randi Cutillas with Eddy Cutillas of Spirits Sponsor Bacardi

Scott Aaron of Cisco/Presidio and Erin Aaron

Dr. Norman Kenyon, chairman of the Doctors Hospital Operating Board, and Sue Kenyon

Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute – Philip DePaola, P.A., Nicholas Wessling, M.D., Alexander van der Ven, M.D., Jason Collins, M.D., John Uribe, M.D., Keith Hechtman, M.D., Michael Swartzon, M.D., Christopher Hodgkins, M.D.

Richard Stacey of Riviera Health Resort and Rina Stacey

Doctors Hospital Operating Board member Roberta Stokes with Bill Stokes

Doctors Hospital Vice President Doug Jolly and Alba Jolly with Gary Bleemer of Premier Parking

Doctors Hospital Ball Auction Chair Dr. Cristina Lopez-Peñalver and Dr. Manuel Peñalver

Baptist Health Foundation Vice Chairman Tomas Erban and CEO Bill Banchs

Rolando Conesa of MGE Arthitects and Jeannie Conesa

Ilien Hechtman with Keith Hechtman, M.D., of Quantum of Solace Supporting Sponsor UHZ Sports Medicine Institute

Tina van der Ven with Dr. Alexander van der Ven of Quantum of Solace Supporting Sponsor UHZ Sports Medicine Institute

Alex Rodriguez and Joanna Clutter of the Miami HEAT

Doctors Hospital Operating Board member Sats Tripathy with Trip Tripathy

Sandra York of the Ultra Music Festival with Milady Cervera, assistant vice president, Baptist Health Quality Network

Ricardo Cury, M.D., of Radiology Associates of South Florida and Ana Cury

Paul Palmer of Palmer, Palmer and Mangiero, and JoAnn Palmer with Brian and Jenny

Nicolas Morot-Gaudry and Laura Denoux with Bertha and Jose Estevez of MGE Architects

Martha Rock with John Rock, M.D., of the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, Florida International University

Dr. Robert Thomas and Eris Thomas

Sheena Easton

Chaired by Mirtha and Dr. José Dávila, Martha and Raul Valdes-Fauli, Elizabeth and George Kakouris, and Nelson and Olga Lazo, the gala raised more than $800,000 for Doctors Hospital’s Youth Athletic Outreach Program.

“For more than 65 years, our hospital has provided the highest-quality care to our community, and our physicians treat every patient with care and concern,” said Doctors Hospital CEO Nelson Lazo. “Our reputation has led to partnerships with local sports organizations including the Miami HEAT, Miami Dolphins, Florida Panthers and FIU – and we’re proud of our commitment to the health and well-being of young athletes in our community, too. So, we’re thrilled that this year’s gala raised so much to benefit our special youth-tailored program.”

Created by Doctors Hospital’s John Uribe, M.D., in 1987, with care provided to then-underserved schools in Miami-Dade, the Youth Athletic Outreach Program has grown and evolved to offer services to 37 Miami-Dade Public Schools, including pre-participation athletic screenings, football game coverage, continuing education seminars, voluntary electrocardiogram (EKG) screenings, the Baptist Outpatient Concussion Program, youth event athletic training coverage, and the Concussion Reduction program.

In addition to Ms. Easton’s performance, the black-tie ThunderBall gala – emceed by CBS4’s Vanessa Borge and Joe Rose – included a reception, live and silent auction, dinner and after-party, playfully themed “You Only Live Twice.”

ThunderBall was produced in large part through the generous support of The Americas Group, Bacardi, The Collection/Porsche, Doctors Anesthesia Associates, ER Stat, Goya Foods of Florida, Mark & Kambour Pathology Associates, Sazon Goya, Total Wine and UHZ Sports Medicine Institute.

If you would like to contribute to Doctors Hospital’s Youth Athletic Outreach Program, please contact Karl Cetta at 786-467-5400, or email