Illuminations Gala Benefiting Chapman Partnership
Gene & Lani Drody, Trish & Dan Bell, Gala Co-Chairs

H. Daniel Vincent, Laurie Jennings, Trish & Dan Bell

More than 800 guests joined Chapman Partnership to celebrate its yearly accomplishments at this year’s annual Illuminations Gala. The evening of dining, dancing and entertainment works to raise funds to provide support of the men, women and children that reside at the two homeless assistance centers run by the non-profit and recognize and honor the many generous donors and volunteers who support the mission. The evening’s theme represented the shining light in the lives of the 5,000 men, women and families with children that Chapman Partnership serves annually. Illuminated acrylic dinner tables set the brilliant color palette for the evening as guests danced the night away on a twinkling illuminated dance floor, a vision brought to life by WOW Factor Marketing. Held at the JW Marriott Marquis, the event provided guests with an avant-garde, exciting and breathtaking experience.

During the event, Chapman Partnership awarded the Alvah H. Chapman, Jr. Humanitarian Award, given to a leader who follows the moral and civic examples of Alvah H. Chapman, Jr. in serving the homeless. This year the award went to Mrs. Sash A. Spencer who has demonstrated great humanitarian initiative and compassion for her fellow man.

“This Illuminations Gala is essential for our organization and our residents” said H. Daniel Vincent, president and CEO of Chapman Partnership. “We want to show our appreciation for our 57 member Gala Committee, led by event Co-Chairs, Trish and Dan Bell, and Lani and Gene Drody. This could not be done without the dedication and love exhibited by our committee and our volunteers and donors. They are indeed true champions for our community. Daily, they are changing our resident’s lives.”

The event was followed by Chapman Partnership’s nextgen After Gala Party, which was presented by Chapman Partnership’s young professionals group.

The party featured special entertainment with a one of a kind performance from Batucada Brazilian dancers and Tony Choy, an open bar and free valet. nextgen is made up of Miami’s young professionals and community ambassadors, between the ages of 25-40, who work to increase awareness, revenue and advocacy for Chapman Partnership.

Betty Chapman, Mary Spencer, Trish Bell, Carlos Fernandez-Guzman, Chairman of the Board, and H. Daniel Vincent

Carlos Fernandez-Guzman, Dan & Trish Bell, Gene & Lani Drody

Mary Spencer, Humanitarian Award Recipient

Homestead Air Reserve Base, 482d Fighter Wing, Base Honor Guard

Laurie Jennings, Commissioner Sally Heyman, Carlos Fernandez-Guzman, Mayor Carlos Gimenez

Chapman Partnership Board of Trustees

Laurie Jennings, Mistress of Ceremonies

Chapman Partnership Success Stories

Ed Joyce, Sherrill & Mary Ann Hudson, Alan Pekor, Roger Paz, Gabrielle Gonzalez, Ricardo Glas, Mari & Carlos Fernandez Guzman, Trish Bell, Betty Chapman, Dan Bell, Mary Spencer

Miami Children’s Chorus

Oz & Maralyn Howe, Peter & Kerrin Bermont, Lili & Bob Chisholm

Vicki Rueda, Jacky Donate, Ana Maria Rodriguez, Carlos Saballos, Jennifer Marques, Rebeka Ramos, Rebecca Interian

Tedd Trabert, Justin Trabert, Ghazal Yazdanparast, Patty Garcia, Carlos Garcia

Nicole & Daniel Horton

Barbara & William Reese

Sallie Mason, Rebecca McCarron, Loli Boehler-Arellano, Jenny Wackenhut, Katharine Rubino

Walter & Terri Shikany, Sharon Silver & Stephen Rose

Howard & Sara Lipman, Mary Ann & Sherrill Hudson

Tomas Erban, Dan Bell and Bill Banchs

Migna Sanchez-Llorens, Bronwyn Miller, Debora Schirripa

Gene & Elsie Howard, Barbara & Allan Pekor

Bonnie Crabtree, Evan & Cheryl Rees

Nicole Singletary, Andrew Trench, Lisa Abern

Fausto & Remedios Diaz Oliver, Lilliam & Gus Machado

James Diamond, Tony Hernandez, Amber Kornreich, Soo Jin Kang, Jordan Isidoff

John Gallo and Christine Lynn

Beau Ferrari, Alejandra Mayorga, Daniel Schwartz, Tracy Slavens, Aaron & Sascha Slavens

Jose & Heidi Dans, Marile & Jorge Luis Lopez

Batucada Brazilian Dancers

Illuminations Performance

Tony Choy performs