SocialMiami Editor Celebrates at Seaspice
SocialMiami editor-in-chief Brett Graff celebrated her birthday at Seaspice, the city's most glamourous waterfront eatery. Guests arrived to sip Whispering Angel rosé and nibble on hors d'oeuvres such as charcuterie & cheese, truffle brie tart and wagyu dumplings. For lunch, there were malanga beignets with parsley aioli and kale salad with blue d’auvergne cheese for each table and afterwards, a choice of organic chicken pillard, yellowtail snapper with citrus salsa verde and skirt steak with red wine peppercorn. For dessert, lemon mouse with Key Lime and graham and of course birthday cake in the form of Brett’s book. PHOTOS BY MANNY HERNANDEZ

Paula Graff, Brett Graff, Adrienne bon Haes, Melanie Cohen, Sloane Spanierman

Nancy Bernstein, Susan Lattman

Dinah Stein, Shari Witcoff

Nina Kennedy, Brett Graff, Leni Weber

Brett Graff, Maryam Miranda

Adrienne bon Haes, Claudia Potamkin

Marika Colt, Brett Graff, Marla Hernandez

Barbara Pena, Brett Graff, Gwen Wurm, Christina Terminie

Ana Romaski, Lesley Hernandez, Lori Rombiero

Ronda Fuchs, Brett Graff

Julie Franklin, Nina Amdur

Whispering Angel

Ana Cristina Lindo, Danielle Stiglitch

Brett Graff

Selene Devaney, Paige Latterner, Sylvia Sannia

Carlos Miranda, Brett Graff, Melanie Cohen

Paige Latterner, Christina Terminine, Brett Graff, Coralie Oberer, Leni Weber

Custom Menus

Yolanda Berkowitz, Brett Graff

Cheryl Goldstein, Coralie Oberer, Claudia Potamkin

Stacey Chopp, Amy Gelb, Lana Bernstein

Jennifer Diliz, Brett Graff, Jen Gerson Roth

Atmosphere at Seaspice