The Suite Life at Hard Rock Stadium
This week, SocialMiami went to the Dolphins Game and Got a Glimpse of Football’s Social Scene.
Zelda Zarco, Brett Graff, Melissa Bernheim

There’s a social aspect to Miami sporting events and one of the biggest scenes each season takes place in the suites at Hard Rock Stadium. During Miami Dolphins games, some of the city’s biggest players in business, health care, banking, law and of course sports are being served drinks, butler-style and helping themselves to hearty buffets that will include barbequed-chicken, steak sandwiches and handmade potato chips. This week, SocialMiami visited some of the stadium’s most coveted spots and got a glimpse of who was on site for the team’s DCC game, in which the Miami Dolphins played (and won!) against the Chicago Bears.

Anna Munoz, Lidsay Lawrence

Annie Slomovitz, Dr. Brian Slomovitz, Dr. Danny Yakoub

Ari Strauss, Russ Sider

Diana Gonzalez, Chris Allan

Cressman Bronson, Steven Whittingslow, Ben Klein, Darell Lipman

Dolphin Alumni Jed Weaver, Troy Dayton, Shawn Wooden

In the 3C interactive suite, John Duffy, Ricky Ramon, Jim Zimmerman

In the 72 Club, Dr. Edwin Nesi, Dr. Chris Thompson

In the alumni suite, OJ McDuffie, Keith Sims, Eddie Hill

In the Bud Light Sideline Bar, Kane Kaltenbronn and Matt Wahlgren

In the PNC suite, Tomas Herrera, Gabriel Herrera, Cressman Bronson

In the UHealth suite, Dr. Matthew Abramowitz, Dr. Craig Moskowitz, Dr. Stephen Nimer, Dr. Nipun Merchant, Dr. Krishna Domanduri

In the Zarco Einhorn Salkowski & Brito suite, Anselmo Divirgilio Hernandez, Robert Zarco, Bill Fuller

Miguel Fernandez, Ralph Stringer

Robert Einhorn and Brett Graff