Dance and Art Collide at the Opening Night of Flamenco Festival Miami
The opening night of the Arsht Center’s 12th annual Flamenco Festival Miami drew thousands of flamenco fans, including philanthropists, media personalities and influencers to celebrate Spain’s great art form. After enjoying an exceptional performance by Ballet Flamenco Sara Baras, Arsht Center donors gathered for a private reception, which included guests of RIU Hotels and Resorts, the Festival’s lead supporter; Miami Consul General of Spain D. Cándido Creis Estrada; Univision personalities Borja Voces, Jesus Brocamontes and Nicolas Colate Vallejo-Nagera and Arsht Center President and CEO Johann Zietsman, among others. The reception room was beautifully decorated with flamenco-inspired sculptures by Spanish artist Fernando Cid de Diego, courtesy of neighborhood gallery Zenith Art & Fashion.

Photos by Daniel Azoulay and WorldRedEye

Carole Bowen, Mauricio Vera, Bernardo Navas, Beatriz Vale, Manel Donoso, Samantha Capobianco, D. Cándido Creis Estrada

Bernardo Navas, Sara Baras, Manuel Donoso

Johann Zietman (Arsht Center President and CEO), Tharrie Zietsman, Siudy Garrido and Pablo Croce

D. Cándido Creis Estrada, Marianny Rondon & Andres Hernandez

Mariaca Semprun & Leonardo Padron

Marta Cuerdo and Manuel Donoso

Carla Cid De Diego, Sara Baras & Cid De Diego

Diego Villegas, Israel Fernandez, Anton Suarez, Keko Baldomero, Mauricio Vera, Beatriz Vale, Rubio De Pruna, Manel Munoz, Jose Franco

Alfonso Goyeneche, Jorge Rossell, Sara Baras, Lorana Mercado, Marta Marin & Jaime Alonso

Marianny Rondon & Ramon Michael Sanderson

Siudy Garrido

Sculpture by Fernando Cid de Diego, courtesy of Zenith Art & Fashion

Armando and Ericka Olmedo, Univision broadcaster Jesus Brocamontes

Miami Consul General of Spain D. Cándido Creis Estrada

Nicolas Vallejo-Nagera and Guest

Siudy Garrido and Guests

Guest and Angelica Camacho