The American Cancer Society’s 2018 Miami Annual Gala
Tony & Ana Figueroa Cisneros, Heidi &
Jose Dans speaking

Jorge Acevedo Jr, Jorge Acevedo and
Tony Figueroa Cisneros

The American Cancer Society raised over $1 million at the “Wild About Finding a Cure” Miami Annual Gala presented by The Miami Cancer Institute. The Annual Gala took place at the beautiful JW Marriott Marquis. More than 600 influential leaders within Miami’s social and corporate communities gathered for a philanthropic night filled with elegance, exquisite food and entertainment—surrounded by Safari-inspired décor; all united by one common goal to raise much-needed funds for cancer research.

Chairpersons for this year’s gala were Heide & José Dans and Ana & Tony Figueroa Cisneros, Co-Chair La Colonia Medical Center, Ana & Ana Marie Ortega were the Honorary Chairs, the 2018 Honoree was South Florida Ford Dealers Association, and Loretta Anaya served as the Mission Chair.

"My wife Heide and I are so honored to have served as the Chairs of the annual gala. The funds raised tonight will directly serve our community in its fight against cancer," said José Dans, Gala Chair of the Miami Annual Gala 2018 and president of WOW MKTG. "Each of us, in some way have been affected by cancer. This evening also celebrated the common hope we all share of a future without cancer."

The 2018 Host Committee included: Amy Williams-Licea, Ana Ortega, Ana Mari Ortega, Ani Hernández, Cecilia Comeau, Flavia Marchesini, Jeni Acevedo, Laura Munilla, Lilliam Machado, Loretta Anaya, Lourdes Valla, Madeleine Munilla, María Zenoz, Maribel Alvarado, Marile López, Marilyn Dans, Pepe Freixas, Raquel Kaufler, Remedios Diaz-Oliver, Roxana Frontini, and Tony Costa.

“I’m extremely grateful to all the gala volunteers and supporters who made the evening possible,” said Gary Reedy, CEO of the American Cancer Society. “I witnessed great passion and commitment to our lifesaving mission—to Save Lives, Celebrate Lives and Lead the Fight for a World Without Cancer. This is the type of energy which enables us to relentlessly fight cancer from every angle.”

Key supporters included: Miami Cancer Institute, La Colonia Medical Center and the Acevedo family, Heide & Jose Dans, Ana & Tony Figueroa Cisneros, Goya, Lilliam & Gus Machado, Remedios & Fausto Diaz Oliver, South Florida Ford Dealers Association, WOW MKTG, Sazón Goya, Lukacs & Lukacs, PA., Cachaldora Travel Group, LLC, Wells Fargo Advisors, Raquel & Ronald Kaufler, City of Doral, Douglas Elliman Real Estate, GUCCI, HealthSun Health Plans, iHeartMedia Miami, Leon Medical Centers, Navarro Discount Pharmacies, Norwegian Cruise Line, OUTFRONT Media, Isabel & Jorge Rico, Spanish Broadcast Systems, Univision, UniVista Insurance, WSVN Local 7, just to name a few.

For more information on the ACS Miami Gala, visit or follow it on Facebook: @MiamiACSGala or Instagram: @ACSMiami.

Trish & Dan Bell

Sarit Warman, Raquel Kaufler, Romer & Raysa Pina,
Martha Barrial and Friends

Alex & Maite Adams, Ana & Pepe Ortega

Loretta Anaya, Hector Rodriguez, Liliana Gutierrez
and Carolina Rodriguez

Julie Ann Dominguez and
Claudio Caggiano

Sarit & Ricky Warman

Carl Barnick and Andrea Jaramillo

Christiano Marchesini and Manoel Suhet

Edward Rojas, Ingrid Balza, Marivi Rojas and
Pete Cabrera

Maria & Jose Iparraguirre

Robert Udelsman, Nikki Holberook, Cindy &
Gary M. Reedy

Alfredo Duran, Leticia Callava, Annie Perez Moreno and Javier Romero

Silvia Trinidad and
Eugenia Legorburu

Bernard Garsen and Daisy Olivera

Jose Dans, Tony & Ana Figueroa Cisneros, Heidi Dans,
Jorge Acevedo and Jorge Acevedo, Jr.

Silent Auction

Alejandra & Alberto Poza

Charissa Habeger and
Ted Gallagher

Christiano & Flavia Marchesini, Tony & Ana Figueroa Cisneros,
and Kassandra & Yuri Kertzman

Alberto Gongora, Amelia Cachaldora, Patricia Lloyd
and Gary Stone

Anthony Mulai, Minerva Trujillo, Ann &
Felipe de las Pozas

Lesley & William Decanio

Dr Starr & Michael Mautner

Melka & Miguel Medina

Ramon & Carina Jimenez

Leyda Bowes and Dieter Manstei

DJ Robin Louis

Allan Young, Lilliam & Gus Machado, Gary M. Reedy and Friend

Marguerite & Peter Rowell

Ana & Tony Figueroa Cisneros, Heidi & Jose Dans, Gus & Lilliam Machado,
Gary M. Reedy, Allan Young and Friends

Peg Hairston and Gaby Aguilar

Lester Domingo and
Elizabeth Marchan

Sara Pino and Thamara Gonzalez

Nikki Holberook, Robert Udelsman, Maria Villalona
and Miguel Villalona Calero

Joseph & Cathy Semaan and
Raquel & Ronald Kaufler

Pepe Freixas and Gisela Thomas

Rafael & Martha Barria

Shawn & Emily Williams

Mike Zinner and Elizabeth & Bo Boulenger

Javier Romero and Annie Perez Moreno speaking

Gigi & Patrick Salisbury

Yvette & JC Barreto, Florencia Tabeni,
Ralph & Odalys Gonzalez-Jacobo

Trevor Blackwood, Lourdes Valls, Nicole Valls,
Luly Valls and Eugene Ramirez

Gus & Liliam Machado

Robert Udelsman, Nikki Holberook, Miguel & Melka Medina, Michael & Dr. Starr Mautner,
Mike Zinner, Elizabeth & Bo Boulenger, Peg Hairston, Gaby Aguilar,
Miguel Villalona Calero, Maria Villalona, Carina Jimenez and Friends

Jim Hitchcock and Angelica Fajardo

Gala Decoration by WOW MKTG

Jose & Heidi Dans and Trish & Dan Bell

Eugenio Guevara and
Jorge Acevedo