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2009 Women of Distinction & Caring
Honored by Hebrew Homes Plaza Health Network

The 2009 “Fabulous Five” Schatzi Kassal, The Honorable Carrie P. Meek, Sandra Levy, Diane Magnum, Victoria Villalba

Dr. William Zubkoff, Dr. Robert Schwartz, Dr. Suzanne Eisdorfer,
Irene Taylor-Wooten, Carrie P. Meek, Julie Edwards, Dr. Carl Eisdorfer

The Plaza Health Network Team of Nurses: Linda Fishbein, Cora Rich, Joyce Galbut, Lila Dalid, Nelly Mercado, Lynn Volanski, Maria Pinto, Rebecca Mendoza

Over 300 ladies and gentlemen gathered together for the second Annual Women of Distinction & Caring celebration at a luncheon held at the InterContinental Miami. This year’s “FABULOUS FIVE” honorees included The Honorable Carrie P. Meek, former Congresswoman; Schatzi Kassal, Founder of Project Newborn and The Women’s Breast Health Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital; Sandra Levy, Executive Chairwoman of the Diabetes Research Love & Hope Gala and National Board Member of Diabetes Research Foundation; Diane Magnum, Broadcast Journalist and Founder of Channel 10’s “Mangum’s Force”; and Victoria Villalba, spokesperson for “Go Red for Heart” and Entrepreneur.

“Once again, our honorees have set the standard for excellence in service to our community. From legislation to protect and provide for the elderly, to research to finding a cure both for diabetes and breast cancer, to communicating the message of caring and hope, to speaking out for heart health, each of our honorees has distinguished herself through her good work and each has had an impact on our lives, “ said Dr. William Zubkoff, President & CEO of Plaza Health Network.

Guests enjoyed a cocktail reception and silent auction and had the opportunity to test their balance on the Balance Machine, one of the critical pieces of equipment in the Plaza Health Network’s Falls Prevention Program.

White orchids graced the white clothed tables creating an elegant yet warm ambiance in the ballroom. A sumptuous lunch was served and then each honoree was introduced through a video that told their story. It was a beautiful and inspiring afternoon.

Since 1954, The Hebrew Homes Plaza Health Network has grown to become the largest not-for-profit network of rehabilitation and skilled nursing centers in Miami-Dade County with 8 centers located in neighborhoods. Recently the network received a 5 Star Rating from the U.S. Government Center on Medicare Services. For further information, visit the website at www.plazahealth.org

Irv Heller, Rhoda Stern, Tova Leidesdorf, Marcie Belenke

Angela Niemiec, Abraham Galbut, Jay Rosen, Michael Aller

Harriet Shapiro, Sandra Levy, Miriam Davis Commings,
Rhoda Stern, Irv Heller

Marta Goldberg, Sandra Levy, Tova Leidesdorf

Standing: Dr. William Zubkoff and
Joyce Galbut;
Seated: The Honorable Carrie Meek

Joan Brent and Allan Hirschfield

Kathryn Chessler, Jill Rosenhaus

Captain Marvin Greenwald, USN Ret, Jeanette Stark,
Esther Belfour, Madeline & Herbert Hillsberg

Lola Jacobson, Martha Mischcon, Ingrid Fatio, Beth Jones

Myrna Bramson, Lynn Shaw, Ingrid Fatio

Hildine Potashnick, Lola Jacobson, Joyce Galbut

Dr. William Zubkoff, Sandy Sears, Dr. Robert Schwartz,
Mrs. Dr. Suzanne Eisdorfer, Dr. Carl Eisdorfer

Yvonne Edwards, Priscilla Gill, Rev. Patricia Wilson, Andrea Thomas, Miriam Vega, Nicole Dieudonne and Barbara Loyd

Josefina Carbonell, Nestor Planas, Carrie P. Meek,
Dr. William Zubkoff

Robyn Kassal, Schatzi Kassal, Bonnie Blank

Lee Jennings, Suzanne Lasky Gerard

Helene Kovens, Michael Aller

Tova Leidesdorf, Sonja Zuckerman
and Sandra Levy

Miss Africa USA and Carrie P. Meek

Mia Macdonald, Carrie P. Meek, Denise Mincey Mills

Standing: Marlene Berg, Linda Weitz, Madelyn Rubin,
Harriet Shapiro, Seated: Esther Belfour, Shirley Harris,
Marion Davis-Commings, Barbara Shapiro

Murray Rubin and Attorney, Shannon Harvey

Standing: Irv Heller, Judy Newell, Barbara Rubin, Patti Schupak, Rhoda Stern, Marcie Belenke, Suzanne Lasky-Gerard,
Kathie Schlesinger; Seated: Lenore Toby-Simmons, Marcha Mishcon, Hildine Potashnick, Melanie Herman

Rhoda Stern, Martha Mishcon, Nyasha Zamucha, Miss Africa USA, Betty Brandt, Marion Davis Commings, Barbara Rubin

Tova Leidesdorf and Sonja Zuckerman

Diane Magnum, Jennifer Enslein, Ella Goldfarb

The Plaza Health Network Team of Administrators:
Michael Alexander, Rachel Schuster, Barry Preter,
Heidi Tucker, Jesse Dunwoody, Terry Escobar

Synthia Sinclair, Synthia Snow

Jose Rodriguez, Desiree Sebastian Santiago, Amaury Paulino

Karen Kammer, Dianne Magnum,
Jerry Levine

Deborah Posner, Andrea Pardes

Standing: Julie Edwards,
Rhonda Wimberly;
Seated: Aletha Player, Guylene Berry

Silvia Cubina, Alan Randolph,
Norma Quintero

Sandra Levy, Sonja Zuckerman, Mira Gaines, Marlene Berg

Stanley Kassal, Schatzi Kassal,
Alan Rosenthal, Bubba Kassal

Alexandra Villoch, Bonnie Crabtree, Victoria Villalba,
Lynn Mitchell, Carla Rogers

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