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The Jackson Memorial Foundation Golden Angels Gala was a Magical Evening

Amarilis Osorio, Chairman, Jackson Memorial Foundation Golden Angels Gala 2009, Harvey and Roberta Chaplin, Humanitarian Chairmen, Golden Angels Gala 2009 and Fana Holtz, Chairman, Golden Angels Gala 2009

More than 1,000 guests attended the Jackson Memorial Foundation Golden Angels Gala, The Magic of Jackson at the Fontainebleau Hotel. Not only did the foundation raise more than $1 million from the event, in addition, thanks to generous new Golden Angel donors, several million dollars more were raised for Jackson. The success of this event proved that even in challenging economic times, the community recognizes the importance of Jackson.

The evening featured entertainment provided by Siegfried and Roy protégé Darren Romeo, The Voice of Magic, who amazed guests with his musical and mind-boggling illusions. Superlative décor was designed by Barton G. Our thanks to Live Auction sponsors, Harry Winston, Bal Harbour, Oceania Cruises, and Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita.

For further information call Joan Bender, Jackson Memorial Foundation at 305-355-4999 or visit www.jmf.org.

Darren Romeo, The Voice of Magic

Philippa and Marvin Carsley,
Honorary Chairmen, Golden Angels Gala 2009

Harvey and Roberta Chaplin, Humanitarian Chairman,
Golden Angels Gala 2009

Sherie Swerdlow, Honorary Chairman, Golden Angels Gala 2009

Penny Shaffer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Honorary Corporate Sponsor, Golden Angels Gala 2009

Helen Salerno and Tomas Salerno, M.D., 2009 Robert Zeppa, M.D. Award of Excellence Recipient

Abel Holtz, Chairman Jackson Memorial Foundation and Fana Holtz, 2009 Jay Weiss Humanitarian Award Recipient and Grand Table Benefactors

Amarilis and Claudio Osorio,
Grand Table Benefactors

Sherie Swerdlow and Michael Swerdlow, Vice-Chairman, Jackson Memorial Foundation and Grand Table Benefactors

Shirley Press, M.D. and
William Rapoport, M.D.,
new Silver Seraphim

Audrey Balbiers and Bill Panoff,
new Golden Seraphim

Commissioner Bruno Barreiro, Abel Holtz, Chairman, Jackson Memorial Foundation, Congressman Mario Diaz Balart, Russell Galbut, Ernesto de la Fe, Chairman, Public Health Trust and Gene Bassett, COO, Jackson Health System

Roland D. Rodriguez, President, Jackson Memorial Foundation, Patricia Rodriguez, Eneida Roldan, M.D.,
Interim President and Chief Operating Officer,
Jackson Health System and Carlos Valdes-Lora, M.D.

Emily Goldschmidt and
Pascal Goldschmidt, M.D.,
Dean, University of Miami,
Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine

Serena and Leon Simkins,
new Golden Seraphim

Harriet and Stanley Seren,
new Silver Seraphim

Angela and Pablo Andrade,
new Platinum Angels

Marsha and Brian Bilzin,
new Platinum Angels

Trish and Daniel Bell,
new Platinum Angels

Nicole Holtz, Javier Holtz and Andria Holtz,
Auctioneer, Golden Angels Gala 2009

Harold and Lila Menowitz, new Golden Angels

Vivian and Alan Dimond, Past Chairman, Jackson Memorial Foundation
and Grand Table Benefactors

Linda and Charles Kearns,
Grand Table Benefactors

Leonard Werner and Cindy Carr,
Grand Table Benefactor

Ron and Janie Kupferman,
Grand Table Benefactors

Helene Westreich, Grand Table Benefactor and Sy Rosenblatt

Marion and Donald Golden, M.D.,
new Golden Angels

Yolanda and Jeffrey Berkowitz,
Grand Table Benefactors

Norma Quintero, President, Jackson Cancer Care, new Platinum Angel
and Luis Quintero

Marion and David Rocker,
Grand Table Benefactors

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