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Driven to Dine 2009
Heart Disease Fundraiser Proves Successful Once Again

Judi Nelson, Deborah Wolf of Northern Trust, Sandra Oliveri

Dr. Michael Gordon, Lynda Gordon, Ambassadors Sue
and Chuck Cobb, Tara Issenberg, Dr. Barry Issenberg

Walter Cook of Republic Federal Bank, Dr. Alsion Haimes,
Connie and Jim Angleton, Chairman of Driven to Dine
(Jim is also with Republic Federal Bank)

The Florida Heart Research Institute (FHRI) is pleased to report the success of their most popular charity event, Driven to Dine, the exclusive cocktail reception and multi-course dinner taking place at various Miami restaurants. Coupled with FHRI’s other April event, the family friendly culinary extravaganza, Heart of a Chef Festival, the organization has solidified a well-rounded cluster of events that affectively continues their mission to stop heart disease through research, education and prevention.

“We are so pleased with the continued success of Driven to Dine,” said Florida Heart Research Institute CEO Kathleen DuCasse. “Our wonderful supporters overwhelmed us with their generosity during this difficult financial time, allowing us to surpass our goal.”

Driven to Dine kicked-off with a sunset cocktail party at legendary NFL Coach Don and Mary Anne Shula’s Indian Creek home. Participants sipped cocktails provided by Pernod Ricard, and nibbled hors d’oeuvres from Le Cordon Bleu, before being whisked away by limousine to an undisclosed restaurant for a delectable, heart healthy, multi-course meal, prepared by one of Miami’s top chefs.

The excitement peaked when a representative from each limo drew an envelope, which would reveal their evening’s culinary surprise. Relinquishing their envelopes to the limo drivers before seeing the restaurant name, each group was driven to their dining destination in suspense. Guests were pampered by chefs/restaurants including, Chef Sean Brasel/Meat Market, Chef Peter Vauthy/RED the Steakhouse, Chef Patrick Boucher/Acqua at the Four Seasons, Chef Chuck Voudouris/Casa Casuarina, Chef Gaetano Ascione/Gaia Ristorante, Chef Giancarla Bodoni/Escopazzo, Chef Kurtis Jantz/Neomi’s at the Trump International, Chef Sean Bernal/Oceanaire, Chef Odel Arencibia/ The Capital Grille, Chef Virgile Brandel/Gia-Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar at the Eden Roc, Chef John Critchley/Area 31, Chef Jason Shelley/Ocean Prime and Chef Jonathan Wright/The Setai.

Priced at $5,000 for the limo, with eight to a limo, the high-priced ticket delivered the promise of amazing food and tremendous fun, for a great cause.

Dedicated to stop heart disease through research, education and prevention, the Florida Heart Research Institute has been an independent, non-profit international leader in cardiovascular research and education for over 60 years, employing a unique blend of scientific, clinical and collaborative research. FHRI also strives to benefit the South Florida community by providing free community prevention services such as cardiac screening in underserved and underinsured areas, as well as educational programs to prevent heart disease for all segments of the population, including in the workplace.

Zammy Migdal, Dr. Jose Szapocznik, Mary Anne Shula,
Don Shula, Barbara Weintraub

Barbara and Michael Weintraub, Carl Russo, Henry Mangels, Sue and Alan Nichols

Standing: David Batcheller, Dr. Tony Adams, Vivian Quiroga Seated: Elizabeth Whalen, Anabel Adams, Jimmy Quiroga, Joe Ann Batcheller

Corey and Andrea Swenson, Jay and Melanie Kaplan, Arlene and Allen Furst

Jan Kruthoffer, Sue Elias, Don Shula, David Bailey, Mary Anne Shula, Dr. Richard Elias, Nancy Bailey, Anne Kruthoffer

MC Kelly Craig of NBC, Chairman Jim Angleton of Republic Federal and Kelly’s husband Bill Hoolihan

Angela Andrade, Cecilia Smith,
Mary Anne Shula, Vivian Quiroga

Fausto Diaz-Oliver, Remedios Diaz-Oliver, Mary Anne Shula, Lilliam Machado, Gus Machado

Dorothy St. Jean, Lilliam Machado, Gus Machado, Dr. Dick Elias, Chairman of FHRI Board of Trustees, Don Shula

Carol Russo, Henry Mangels, Sue Nichols

Chairman, Jim Angleton of Republic Federal,
Mrs. Ron and Judge Dresnick

FHRI Chairman of Board of Trustees Dr. Dick Elias,
Don Shula, Gus Machado

Jan Kruthoffer and David Baile

Liliam Machado and Dorothy St. Jean – Singing Happy Birthday to each other.

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