SocialMiami’s 15th Anniversary Celebration Luncheon celebrated its 15th anniversary with a luncheon hosted by the Miami Design District and Joy Wallace Catering | Design | Special Events. The gathering was about everything has come to represent – good food, great friends, and the best that Miami has to offer.

Guests were invited to a pre-luncheon mixer in the Palm Court Plaza, Miami Design District's pedestrian plaza amid luxury retail shops and world-class art – Buckminster Fuller Fly's Eye Dome, Xavier Vielhan's Le Corbusier sculpture and Sou Fujimoto's waterfall inspired façade. Guitarist Claudio Spiewak played as attendees sipped wine and enjoyed the lively atmosphere.

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John McPhee, Melanie Cohen, Joy Wallace, Toby Ansin, Suzanne Pallot and George Neary

Manny Hernandez and Joy Wallace

George Neary in front of Xavier Veilhan’s Le Corbusier sculpture in Palm Court Plaza

Carole Kotkin, Elizabeth Beach, Alice Fisher, Dorothy St. Jean and Sallie Byrd
in front of the Buckminster Fuller Fly’s Eye Dome

Guests enjoying a pre-luncheon mixer in the Palm Court Plaza

Adrienne bon Haes and Elysze Held

Norma Jean Abraham and
Charlie Cinnamon

Lisa Petrillo, Manny Hernandez
and Miami Herald's Amy Reyes

Rachelle Kaminski, Nancy Lipsitz and Dolores Wolf

Michael Aller and Lisa Palley

Amy Reyes and Charlie Cinnamon

Brett Graff, Marile Lopez and Stephanie Aagaard

Steve Adkins, Harvey Burstein, Michelle Solomon, Charlie Cinnamon and George Neary

Aaron Glickman and Amy Rosenberg

Charlotte Libov, Roberto Iarussi and Carmen Betancourt Lewis

Rhoda Levitt

Moni Cohen and Raquel Libbin

Director of Design Production for Joy Wallace Catering, Jessica Zeidler Rojas, and Amanda Dobin

Jennifer Boin, Terry Schecter, Adrienne bon Haes and Amy Reyes

Marile Lopez, Norma Jean Abraham, Aaron Glickman, Stephanie Aagaard
and Lisa Petrillo

Carole Kotkin, Melanie Cohen and Elizabeth Beach

Sonia Gibson and Joy Wallace

Director of Sales for Joy Wallace Catering Sara Silver,
Dahlia Morgan and Jewel Stern

John Linn, Suzy Buckley and Adrienne bon Haes

Sheila Kuhl, Jim Murphy
and Marilyn Cale

Aaron Glickman and Joy Wallace

Tracy Mourning and Norma Jean Abraham

Charlotte Schou and Jack Mizutani

Carole Moore of Getty Images
and Sara Silver

Festive silk linens and tableware by Panache Party Rentals

Linda Levy Goldberg, Tracy Mourning, Elysze Held and Maria Beguiristain

Charlie Cinnamon, Joy Wallace and Nicole Henry

Joanne Silva and Dorothy St. Jean

Director of Marketing for Joy Wallace
Catering, Sabdy Pacheco-Williams,
and Melanie Cohen

Special guest Roberto Iarussi singing

Mediterranean Cucumber Ribbon Salad - home-cured salmon, heirloom tomato, French feta & dehydrated cracked kalamata olives, finished with champagne vinaigrette & lemon oil

Charlie Cinnamon receiving standing ovation

Lisa Petrillo, Charlie Cinnamon and Stephanie Aagaard

Norma Jean Abraham, Charlie Cinnamon and Tracy Mourning

Rosy Cancela, Alice Fisher
and Jennifer Boin

Main Course - Mini Filet of Beef with Miso Mustard, served with black rice, butternut squash and pomegranate salad

Elaine Bloom and Nicole Henry

Zaydah Hernandez and Mari Grimalt

Joy Wallace Catering Culinary Team: Roger Rabanal; Yorman Sanchez; Thomas “TC” Chan, Chef de Cuisine;
Elgin Woodman, Executive Chef; and Joy Wallace, President & CEO

Passion Fruit Panna Cotta in Mini Mason Jars, topped with passion fruit gelee, meringue crumbles and fresh berries

Anthony Japour and Maria Beguiristain

Elysze Held and Allison Weiss Brady (seated) and Brett Graff,
Amy Rosenberg and Manny Hernandez (standing)

Suzanne Pallot, Roberto Iarussi and Nicole Henry

Ilene Zweig, Linda Levy Goldberg and Carol Iacovelli

Suzanne Pallot, Joy Wallace, Charlie Cinnamon and Melanie Cohen

Friends and philanthropists, arts supporters, Miami's movers and shakers, and social sceners, many of whom had been acquainted for years, and some newcomers, offered personal well wishes to founder Melanie Cohen. A reunion of sorts for many, the crowd chit-chatted, mixed and mingled, so much so that it was difficult to break up the plaza party to move upstairs for the main event in the Palm Court rooftop event space.

When guests finally made their way into the large warehouse-inspired event space, there were plenty of "oohs" and "aahs." Tables of lavender shantung with silk napkins and low-sprawling orchids, brightened the large, loft environment, which was generously provided for the luncheon, along with the Palm Court, by Craig Robins and the Miami Design District.

Guests selected a number from a fishbowl, which designated the table at which they would be seated, creating a lively mix of groups. The luncheon took on a life of its own, with conversations overheard that consisted of "so lovely to see you," "it's been too long," and "isn't this wonderful that we have this occasion to spend time together".

Suzanne Pallot of Source Miami, One Stop Event Services, coordinated the event. The luncheon, served to 120 specially invited guests, was hosted by A. Joy Wallace Catering, Design and Special Events, which is celebrating its own anniversary in December - 27 years as Miami's premier catering and design specialist. Joy's tip-top serving team was on hand to deliver three courses, a preview of their 2015-2016 Fall/Winter menu, and more wine. Elegant tableware, linens, tables and chairs were generously donated by Panache Party Rentals.

George Neary, Director of Cultural Tourism for the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, was the ebullient emcee who introduced special guests, including an unexpected treat! Roberto Iarussi, Italian-American tenor, a protege of Luciano Pavarotti, was at the luncheon and would later perform impromptu. Neary also recognized photographer, the picture perfect Manny Hernandez, who revealed an upcoming publication - a book of portraits by the iconic Miami photographer extraordinaire.

The man of the hour and the catalyst whose idea for the luncheon brought everyone together (as he so often does) was Charlie Cinnamon. As the final introduction - guests rose to their feet in a rousing standing ovation to Miami's legendary publicist, a friend and supporter to many in the crowd.