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Sugerman's Solutions

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Problem: Sink location was awkward and didn’t allow a view of the water. Because the sink cannot be located too far from the plumbing stack, moving it was a real challenge.

Sugerman’s Solution: Repositioning the sink front-and-center in the peninsula – in the “cockpit” of the kitchen so to speak - makes much more sense and provides a wide open view to the beach and water. This is accomplished by raising the dishwasher six inches to accommodate the sink’s water waste line and give it enough slope to drain. Not only did the owners get their view, but loading the dishwasher no longer requires such back-breaking bending!

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DCOTA - Design House & Stars of Design Video
DCOTA - Design Center of the Americas - hosted a lavish affair for the opening of their DCOTA Design House. The event benefited Vizcaya, the Norton and Fort Lauderdale Museums of Art. The designers showcased were: A. Keith Powell, Aldo Puchendorf, Alfredo Brito, Alfred Karram Jr., Allison Paladino, Brett Sugerman and Giselle Loor, Cecil Hayes, Jack Fhillips, Joseph C. Fava, Kim Collins and Sherron Dupont, Osirys Mendez and Sabrina Vela, Timothy Dupont, Blue and Wade Hallock.

Beachfront Living Room
When Barry Sugerman redesigned the kitchen of a beachfront condo, his clients realized that the living room and dining room looked dated and tired next to the newly refaced kitchen. So “Sugerman’s Solutions” continues with Phase Two, remodeling the living and dining rooms that are adjacent to the kitchen and providing more storage space, an important element in the redesign.

Kitchen Magician
Redesigning a 17' x 15' beachfront condo kitchen for an empty-nester couple who love to entertain is a breeze for Barry Sugerman. He creates a functional layout that is nautically and aeronautically inspired.

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