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Norma Quintero

Hosting Hints

Hosting Hints

Hosting Hints



President of international fragrance and cosmetics manufacturer/distributor Genesis International Marketing Corp., Norma A. Quintero successfully juggles business, family and a social life. She participates on the boards of the Vizcayans, Best Buddies International, Amigos Together for Kids and the Cushman School. She’s also an avid donor to the Women’s International Zionist Organization and hosts numerous charitable events in her home for WIZO, the Miami City Ballet and others. Recognized in the community for her charitable efforts, Quintero is always ready to lend a helping hand.

What is the perfect number of guests for entertaining?
100 is a good number.

A party that stands out in your mind as the most memorable?
My husband’s 50th birthday when I recreated the Tropicana Night Club in Havana in our home. I planned it for nine months. It was unbelievable!

Is there a favorite holiday or theme that is your signature event?
Christmas, it’s very dear to me and my family. The house becomes so beautiful with all the holiday décor!

A party planner who has dynamite ideas?
Thierry’s Catering.

A caterer whose food and presentation meet your criteria?
Thierry’s Catering.

Your "advice" about centerpieces?
They should not overpower the table or block you from speaking to guests sitting across from you.

For home parties, what is the most important element for creating a mood?
Putting the right people together.

You've planned a dinner for 12 - what's your favorite main course?
Steak au poivre.

Banana Flambe.

Is there a particular gala that you always attend because it’s done so well and is so much fun?
The Vizcayan Ball is not to be missed!

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