SOCIAL Manny: Episode 116

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Lynne and John Richard at the Arsht Center Gala Lynne and John Richard at the Arsht Center Gala

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The season is winding down, but the events just keep on coming for Manny Hernandez. Featured this week are Jon and Nancy Bathchelor at the 2013 Arsht Gala, Swanee DiMare and Christian Slater; The Miami Beach Polo World Cup, Ricky Elias, Lauren Goldfarb, Fabian Hernandez; Natalie Cole, Rudy and Betsy Perez at the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame La Musa awards, Jon Secada, Paulina Rubio and Carlos Ponce, Michael Tilson Thomas, Lucy Arnaz, Alejandra Guzman, Desmond Child; John and Lynn Richard at the Arsht Center Gala, Dennis and Debra Scholl, Scott Srebnick and Jessica Goldman-Srebnick, Donna Shalala and more!

Photos by Manny Hernandez

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