Ark of Taste Benefit Dinner

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Chef Michael Schwartz and Chef Hedy Goldsmith Chef Michael Schwartz and Chef Hedy Goldsmith

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Slow Food Miami held its Annual Ark of Taste Benefit Dinner with Chefs Michael Schwartz, Bradley Herron and Hedy Goldsmith of Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink at Miami’s exquisite Kampong. The evening was a culinary celebration of the South Florida Sea Grape and Royal Red Shrimp to promote awareness of these native and forgotten ingredients.

The evening was bolstered by the farm table communal seating, family style service and participatory involvement of the famous chefs; helping to usher in a renewed appreciation of the dinner party for all who attended.

Proceeds of the evening benefited Slow Food Miami’s Edible School Garden Program and sustaining The Kampong of The National Tropical Botanical Garden.

Slow Food Miami is currently planting and refurbishing 120 edible school gardens this fall. For information on upcoming events like these, join our mailing list at

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