Sean Wolfington Surprise B'day Party

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Sean & Ana Wolfington, Raquel Perera, Alejandro Sanz Sean & Ana Wolfington, Raquel Perera, Alejandro Sanz

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Together with his family and closest friends, Sean Wolfington celebrated his 40th birthday with a surprise party at The Club in Casa Tua on Saturday, April 9th. Sean’s wife, Ana Wolfington, planned the entire event, flying in Sean’s immediate family, friends and colleagues for a celebration that took place almost three weeks before Sean’s real birthday. Sean arrived with Grammy-winning artist and close friend Alejandro Sanz. Also in attendance were Alejandro Monteverde and Ali Landry from the 2007 film Bella. Oompa Loompas crashed the party, passing out Gobstoppers to guests while Sean’s friend, Grammy-nominated artist Melky Jean, sang a special rendition of the Happy Birthday song. During the party, Ana played a special edited video of their family and closest friends wishing a happy birthday to a very surprised Sean.

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