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Aaron Kula and Alejandra Czarny Aaron Kula and Alejandra Czarny

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Argentinian performer Alejandra Czarny and special guest Aaron Kula infused Guava Rugelach Lounge with their rhythmic compositions of Latin American and Yiddish songs.

Czarny has been a singer and song-writer for more than 20 years, and has released two albums, “Under the White Stars” and “Songs about Songs.” Aaron Kula serves as Director of Music Collections and Performance at Florida Atlantic University, conducting the student symphony and teaching music theory. Kula became musically inclined at an early age, attending Broadway shows each week as a child and many years later, going on to found the Klezmer Company Orchestra in 1997. Together, Czarny and Kula presented Jewish-inspired Spanish arrangements for all to enjoy. Tickets are available at

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