Young Philanthropists of Baptist Health

Gearing Up For a Fashionable Spring

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YPBH co-chairs Hatem Zayed, M.D. and Jeffrey Kaplan YPBH co-chairs Hatem Zayed, M.D. and Jeffrey Kaplan

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Neiman Marcus hosted the Young Philanthropists of Baptist Health for a Night of Fashion at the Village of Merrick Park. More than 100 people enjoyed signature pineapple martinis, hors d’oeuvres and great raffle prizes while DJ Zeus provided the tunes. Models, including YPBH co-chairs Jeffrey Kaplan and Hatem Zayed, M.D., lit up the runway in contemporary Spring trends for men and women that included bold colors, bright whites and Bohemian influences.

“Our group focuses on promoting health and well-being and we want to be on the cutting edge of everything that’s happening around us, whether it’s fashion, art, music or sports,” said host committee chair Perri Young, M.D. Serving on the host committee with Drs. Young and Zayed-Moustafa were Yvette Aleman, Denise Barbato, Risa Berrin, Robert Berrin, Karl Cetta, Barron Channer, Adam Cohn, DMD, Jay Davis, Luis Diaz, Irahisa Disla, David Evensky, Robert Flicker, Chad Friedman, Allie Garcia-Serra, M.D., Mark Hernandez, M.D., Jason James, M.D., Lisa James, Jeffrey Kaplan, Andrew Menachem, Lisette Owens, Mark Paresky, Ana Maria Rodriguez, Dmitry Sandler, DPM, Noah Sheer, Neil Sosler, Joanna Tewfik, D.O., and Virginia Vinueza.

Funds raised that night benefitted Baptist Hospital’s Simulation Lab, a facility where healthcare teams use modern technology to train for obstetrical and neonatal emergencies.

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