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Basel Manny Daily - Day 4

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Harvey Oxenberg at Art BASEL Venissage at the Miami Beach Convention Center
Harvey Oxenberg at Art BASEL Venissage at the Miami Beach Convention Center

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Wednesday at Art Basel was INSANE and Basel Manny Daily by Manny Hernandez has the definitive coverage. Featured are Mike and Alicia Piazza at Art BASEL Venissage at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Will Ferrell, Janet and Jessica Goldman, Philip Levine, Harvey Oxenberg, Eva and Adele, Ashley Turchin, Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz, Rick Ross and Lyor Cohen, Victor and Pablo Alfaro, Bruce and Kathyrn Orozs, Stella Holmes, A Talk with Diane von Furstenberg at Design Miami, Joe Capo Kent and Franya Ruiz at the Dior Homme, Bruce Weber & W Magazine event in the Design District, Kelly Klein, Kris Van Assche, Bunny Yeager, Christian Dior Couture president Pamela Baxter, Jason Binn, Bruce Weber, Martha Stewart, DJ Bradley Soileau, Pharrell Williams, Stacy Engman, Sarah Arison, Xin Li and Wendy Murdoch, Aurelie Claudel, Leslie Potvin, Allison Hodge, Nicole Miller, Greg Lotus, Ingrid Casares and Demi Moore.

Photos by Manny Hernandez


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