Haitian Heritage Museum's 10th Annual Gala

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Dance Group Delou Africa Dance Group Delou Africa

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The Haitian Heritage Museum (HHM) celebrated a Decade of Cultural EnlighTENment in the beautful Miami Design District. The Fete included awards given to community leaders, special presentations, a riveting performance by Delou Africa and was an overall successful evening.

Founders Eveline Pierre and Serge Rodriquez both gave compelling speeches on the journey and significance of this 10 year celebration. They emphasized on the importance of community support for establishing the blocks for the next phase of the museum's legacy. "Totally Envisioning Next", said Eveline Pierre, as she urged the guest to reflect on the tremendous contributions of the Haitian Heritage Museum to the global community since it's inception in 2004.

During this historic cultural event, the Haitian Heritage Museum set the stage for establishing the museum's endowment. As the 1st Haitian Heritage Museum in the world outside of Haiti, HHM has an obligation to continue cultivating a legacy for Haitian people everywhere. Make a contribution to the museum's endowment fund by clicking the button below. Let's "Totally Envision Next" together!

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