Fashionably Conscious Fundraising Sale

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Aidita Vizoso, Isabella Vizoso, Rima Otrakji Aidita Vizoso, Isabella Vizoso, Rima Otrakji

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Raising a staggering $84,787, hundreds of shoppers gathered at Village of Merrick Park for the 5th Annual Fashionably Conscious fundraiser. Miami VIPs, socialites, philanthropists and avid shoppers raided the donated designer goods from the closets of some of Miami’s most elite. From Valentino and Giorgio Armani suits to Chanel dresses and Prada and Jimmy Choo shoes, Fashionably Conscious brought the best of the best to the generously donated space provided by Village of Merrick Park. All proceeds directly benefited Coconut Grove Cares, The Barnyard, a local community center which provides after-school and community care services to families of the West Grove Community.

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