“West Encounters East” at Lowe Art Museum

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David Spilberg, Anica Spilberg, Rodrigo Umaña, Gina Leon, Haroldo Ahlers David Spilberg, Anica Spilberg, Rodrigo Umaña, Gina Leon, Haroldo Ahlers

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In a special event held at at the Lowe Art Museum, Joel Hollander, Ph.D., full-time faculty at the University of Miami, delivered an informative speech for the project “West Encounters East,” whose aim is to rethink the significance of cultural exchange and diversity by identifying emerging Latin American artists of Asian heritage. The lecture, as well as reception and refreshments that followed, were sponsored by Stella M. Holmes, president of The Brickellian, Inc., an art consultancy group, and founder of Brickell Gallery Night.

Hollander investigated how officially sponsored Japanese emigration programs to South America during the late 19th century and first half of the 20th century changed that region’s ethnic and cultural heritage. He emphasized that precedent for exploring how Western artists responded to Japanese art can be traced back to the French Impressionists. The lecture focused on the imagery of contemporary Argentine artists, including Valeria Yamamoto, Ary Kaplan Nakamura, Guillermo Ueno, and Lucila Heinberg, whose work will be highlighted in a special pavilion at arteaméricas art fair, March 25 – 28, at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

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